15 September 2010

INK EXCHANGE: Wicked Lovely Book 2 - Melissa Marr, narr Nick Landrum

From the back of the BOCD: Leslie, beaten and violated by an abusi brother and his friends, wants a tattoo to signify taking control of her body and life. After spending weeks browsing the artwork in Rabbit's shop, she can't find one that's right----until the artist brings out a special book of drawings.

Leslie is strangely attracted to one particular tattoo, and feels changed after ait is inked into her skin. She begins seeing things that she knows cannot really be there and becomes physically powerful beyond what should be probable. Leslie is soon pulled into a horrifying world ---where a fey king is searching for the key to save the Dark Court. Enslaved by the tattoo meant to symbolize her freedom, Leslie struggles to finally reclaim her body as her own.

Melissa Marr continues the story of New York Times best-seller WICKED LOVELY in INK EXCHANGE. Nicke Landrum voices the dynamic characters with ease, making the Dark Court seem frighteningly real.

INK EXCHANGE is definitely the dark side of the fae world. I had a much harder time listening to it than I did WICKED LOVELY, book one in the series. Not that it wasn't good, it was just very brutal.
Leslie was probably the only bright spot and she was a victim trying to drag herself out of her hell. She puts on a brave face for her friends at school because she doesn't want them to know she has a missing mother, alcoholic father and a drug addicted brother who loans Leslie out to his druggie friends.
She visits her friend Rabbit's tattoo shop each evening after school and work, looking for the perfect tattoo that she thinks will help her dig herself out of her troubles. She finds it in Rabbit's special book, a book of fae tattoos, ones that will tie her to the fae world in ways she doesn't realize.
The ending is worth the wait as is watching Leslie grow as strong as she can through her travails.
I am looking forward to the third book in the series, FRAGILE ETERNITY.
Four dark fae beans.....

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