21 March 2010

SINK TRAP: A Georgiana Neverall Mystery - Christy Evans

From the back of the book: Clues can be found in themost unlikely places.....
When Georgiana Neverall's fast-paced, corporate lifestyle goes down the drain, she moves back home to Pine Ridge, Oregon, and makes an unconventional choice--to apprentice herself to Barry the Plumber. Her uptight, super-successful raltor mother, Sandra, is disgusted. She never dreamed she'd see a Neverall in coveralls toiling under someone else's sink.
Georgiana loves her new occupation, but is a bit surprised when she finds the favorite brooch of Martha Tepper, the town's former librarian, clogging a sink. Martha suppposedly retired to Arizona, but everyone who knew her says she never would have left without that brooch. Georgiana has a sinking feeling that Martha may have been retired permanently--and suddenly t's up to a plumber's apprentice to flush out a killer.
(Includes fun plumbing tricks and tips!)
I just love finding new to me authors who write a super fun book and this one fit the fun bill perfectly. I was entertained and informed and didn't even mind that I figured out whodunnit towards the middle of the book. Sometimes that bugs the McCrappe out of me, but when the rest of the book is superb, I don't mind.
I really admire Georgiana's intestinal fortitude, coming back home to change her life after her computer security company she started gets taken over by someone she trusted. She could have easily let it crush her, but she put on her big girl panties and went home to start over as a plumber's apprentice.
She is back in her hometown with her mother, best friend and old boyfriend and a mystery. Sometimes (most times) the amateur sleuth looking into the mystery can feel forced. This one didn't really feel that way. Georgiana knew something was wrong and she needed to figure out what it was and show others she wasn't crackers.
Best of all, I loved the plumber tips. Common sense tips that helped me and proved my dad right when he gave my first need to have tool kit...tape measure, hacksaw, rubber mallet, adjustable wrench aka crescent, slip-joint pliers, locking jaw pliers, plumber's snake, toilet plunger, and sink plunger, screwdrivers (both common and Philips head)....and the tip about baking soda and vinegar unplugging a sink instead of using the commercial drain cleaners.
And the lovely funny Airdales, Daisy and Buddha! I want an Airdale now.

Multi fun plumber's tips and dogs mystery chocolate bunnies......


Chris said...

Thanks so much, Vixen! Glad you liked the book!!

Christy Evans

Vickie said...

Christy: Thank you for visting my blog! I can't wait to read the next in the series. You set up the perfect cliffhanger with Georgiana's past life.

WonderBunny said...

I'm excited to read this. I have it waiting for my on my kindle. April will be a cozy mystery month if I have anything to do... I'm tried of the unlight urban fantasy and fantays books I've been reading.