28 March 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

Lady K and I decided to forego the cha-ching of seeing How To Train Your Dragon in 3D or 3D IMAX and went to see it in good, old-fashioned 2D this morning at the first showing of the day at 0900. We had to drive to the theater where we used to go, the Promenade 24, where we had the choice of the three types. Got in and able to see it in a HEWGAH theater with about 30 other people. I love having Lady K as my movie going buddy. She's willing to get up and go at the crack of dawn if needs be, especially if popcorn and a good movie are in the offing.
Anyway, back to the movie...this was so much fun! Yes, it's Vikings with Scottish and American accents versus multi-hued dragons. I loved it and Lady K was ethralled. Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) is the son of the island's Viking king, Stoick (voiced by dreamy Gerard Butler, enough of a reason to see this movie). Hiccup is a bit of a disappointment to his father, he's not very big or strong like a good Viking.
Two things happen after the latest dragon attack, Hiccup gets chosen to join dragon hunter training and finds the dragon he brought down via one of his inventions.
The story goes from there and I can't go into more without spoiling it should you decide to go. And both Lady K and I say you should. It's a good story, made us both laugh and cheer, the animation is wonderful.
One of my other favorite characters is the dragon hunter trainer and Hiccup's mentor, Gobber, voiced by Craig Ferguson who I adore. America Ferrera voices the main female characters, Astrid. She's the trainee vying for the position of dragon hunter opposite Hiccup and it's fun watching the two of them together.
Can't wait for this to come out in DVD so DH can see it too. And Lady K and I can watch it over and over.


Mary said...

Sounds like a darling movie. And I agree, listening to Gerard Butler (and Craig Ferguson) would be motivation enough. Can I borrow Lady K???

Vickie said...

Mary: She would love to go to the movies with you. It's a wonderful movie and it's not just for younguns.

Imzadi Dragonfly said...

This is one I want to see. Glad you and Lady K enjoyed it.