11 March 2010

BLOOD RETRIBUTION: Lee Nez #2 - David and Aimee Thurlo

From the back of the book: Lee Nez is a nightwalker--a Navajo vampire. He's also a New Mexico state police officer. Paired with sexy FBI agent Diane Lopez, Lee is tracking down violent smugglers who have killed two cops while bringing silver and turquoise across the border from Mexico.
Shocked to discover that the smugglers are Navajo shapeshifters--skinwalkers--Lee and Diane realize they must wipe out the whole pack, and fast, before the skinwalkers realize there's a nightwalker on their tails. Werewolves and vampires are deadly enemies....
Complicating matters, Lee is being stalked by a pair of vampire assassins. He killed the leader of their clan and the survivors are bent on revenge. Blood for blood, as the saying goes.
This was my purse book, therefore it took a very long while to get through. I wish I'd had more time immediately with it so that the story would take hold and keep me there. I read the first one a long while back, but it stuck with me. This one didn't grab me right away and the two stories going on with two sets of 'bad guys' had me a little off at times, too.
All that said, I did like reading more adventures about Lee Nez, now known as Officer Leonard Hawk in this particular alias. I look forward to finding the next two in the series. I've been told they are hard to find, so I hope I can run across them somewhere. I will be looking for the Ellah Claw series the two authors have as well as the Sister Agatha series.
Four Southwest skinwalker beans....

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Imzadi Dragonfly said...

I will definitely take a look at this series.