16 March 2010

JESSICA'S GUIDE TO DATING ON THE DARK SIDE - Beth Fantaskey, narr Katherine Kellgren & Jeff Woodman

From the back of the BOCD: High school senior Jessica Packwood is a down-to-earth mathlete with a murky future. What she definitely doesn't see coming is foreign exchange student--and vampire-- Lucius Vladescu showing up at her door. According to Lucius, Jessica is actually vampire royalty, and they've been betrothe to one another since infancy.

Yeah, great. That's just what a girl wants to hear. Thankfully, Jessica has a copy of GROWING UP UNDEAD: A TEEN VAMPIRE'S GUIDE TO DATING, HEALTH, AND EMOTIONS to help her cope. And, after all, Lucius may be arrogant, but he's easy to look at. Unfortunately, Jessica's not the only girl in school who's noticed. If she can hold off the evil cheerleaders long enough, she might just find a future with Lucius--and save his sould from eternal damnation.

Author Beth Fantaskey injects a little humor into the vampire romance genre with this critically acclaimed debut, while narrators Katherine Kellgren and Jeff Woodman capture Jessica and Lucius' colorful personalities.


This story is such a fab one to listen to! It's funny, spooky, romantic, it's what I had hoped TWILIGHT would have been and wasn't.
Poor Jessica has enough issues with being odd chickie out what with being a 'mathlete', has vegans for parents and is an adopted child with a foggy foreign past.
I enjoyed watching the progression of the cautious and irritated Jessica dealing with the arrogant and pushy Lucius as he 'courted' Jessica. And then the tables started turning as Jessica realized what she was becoming and how she felt about Lucius and Lucius started courting other girls and enjoying his Americanized life.
The dry humor in the beginning segueing to life as it can be with the issues that plague normal let alone vampire teens was entrancing to watch.
I can't wait for her next book, JEKEL LOVES HYDE and I'll be listening to that one, too.
Four chocolate vampire yumminess.....

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