08 March 2010

Books in the House - 8 MAR 2010

From the very cool & sweet Jaye Wells:
~Signed bookplate
~2 bookmarks featuring her two books RED-HEADED STEPCHILD and THE MAGE IN BLACK
From the author:
ANTICIPATION & SEDUCTION - Patrice Michelle, signed TPB, romance (smokin' HOT cover)
From Hilda on BTO:
BLUE MOON - Alyson Noel, TPB, paranormal
From Bonnie (RedLady):
THE BRIDE COLLECTOR - Ted Dekker, ARC - release in April 2010, thriller
From Pamala, Our Lady of the Books:
LIST OF SEVEN - Mark Frost, MPB, suspense
DARK LIGHT - Randy Wayne White, MPB, suspense for my dad
SIX SECONDS - Rick Mofina, MPB, suspense
PERSUADER - Lee Child, MPB, (now I have two copies...)
WITCH HUNT - Ian Rankin, MPB, Brit thriller
STEP TO THE GRAVEYARD EASY - Bill Pronzini, HC, noir thriller
THE EXCALIBUR MURDERS - J M C Blair, HC, Arthurian mystery (think this might be next up bedside book)
HEARSE CASE SCENARIO - Tim Cockey, HC, cozy mystery
HEARSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR - Tim Cockey, HC, cozy mystery
CEMETERY OF ANGELS - Noel Hynd, MPB, horror
THE DARK ROOM - Minette Walters, MPB, Brit suspense
BUNDORI - Laura Joh Rowland, MPB, mystery
THE CONCUBINE'S TATTOO - Laura Joh Rowland, MPB, mystery
NOTHING TO LOSE - Lee Child, MPB, suspense
DISORDERED MINDS - Minette Walters, MPB, Brit suspense
LADY OF THE FOREST - Jennifer Roberson, MPB, Arthurian legend
Little sidenote, I now have all but the last two Jack Reacher series...yay!
LOGAN AND THE MAGIC FISH - Otto Scamfer, pdf, children's book
FROST MOON - Anthony Francis, pdf, paranormal


Mary said...

OMG, the photo cracked me up (and reminds me of all the books on my tbr mountain!!). You got all those books last WEEK? Enjoy : )

Vickie said...

Mary: *grin* I knew I had to use that pic at some point and it fits when I have this many books show up on the doorstep.
The list is from the last couple of weeks. I've been a wee bit behind in my posting.

Imzadi Dragonfly said...

Look at that list. Nice collection. I read LADY OF THE FOREST years ago and enjoyed it.

Vickie said...

Jenna: Thanks! Now to get a honkin' chunk of time to read them all.