08 May 2007

Something to be Said for Early Mornin' Wake-Up...

So DH woke early for work, I woke early cuz he woke early....he got ready for work and I got to read for an hour or so in latest bedside book Murder of a Pink Elephant Denise Swanson. I finished Bump in the Night various authors and was just glad I finished. The first story by JD Robb was passable, but I always like catching up with Eve and Roarke and the gang. The last story, by Mary Kay McComas, was the best of the lot. A woman rediscovers her invisible friend from childhood. It is a very funny and warm story. The other two were mooshy romance and I am not partial to mooshy romance, especially when they are purported to be paranormal. They were vaguely that. Anyway, it's over and done and I can move on to the delightful Murder of a Pink Elephant. I just love Denise Swanson.
I also finished The Laughing Corpse Laurell K Hamilton, my last purse book, and started Sweet and Deadly Charlaine Harris. Another of my absolutely favorite authors and this is book is a very good example of her art.
I am on tape 4, side 1 Kill the Messenger Tami Hoag in the car. When I am not on my way to and from work, I don't get much time to listen to my car books, so going slowly on this one. It's a very good story.
I am about to go upstairs and sort through some books to send out to my sister and some friends and take to Goodwill. Clear the shelves as it were. I have a box of books from my enabler, Pamala. Thanks Pamala!


Anonymous said...

Sweet and Deadly by Charlaine Harris is really good. I enjoyed it. I also bought her latest Sookie Stackhouse book "Altogether Dead" and I don't know if I'm bored with the series or if Harris is tired of writing it. Let me know what you think when you read it.

Vickie said...

Alita: I'll be getting it in audio this Friday, I think. I am a huge fan of her writing, so like her, but understand if she might be getting tired of it and ready to move on. She has four series out there!