21 May 2007

Monday Mourning...I mean Morning......

It's Monday morning and I am at work, second day of sleep to speak of the last few nights due to various issues such as DH snoring, sirens from the fire station down the street. No fan in the 'Sugar Room' as Lady K has named spare room #2, so it was a bit too warm for really good sleep. Ah well. My dad was here visiting this weekend and told us he is moving in the fall. We will help all we can and he has told us he will bring out all the potting soil, terra cotta containers, rocks and handmade cement containers we can handle. Driftwood, too, as we like all manner of garden decoration. Yay! He had a good visit and even stayed an extra day even though I had to work yesterday. So glad he likes DH to hang with him. They put the table saw together and brought in the boxes of wood flooring for DH's project that will start this weekend in our master bedroom. Table saw was my anniversary present to DH last year. Fifth anniversary is wood and steel I think ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

I am on CD 4 of 5 in car book Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. Eoin Colfer has an interesting imagination. It's very good and I love the narrator, Nathaniel Parker. I am almost halfway through my purse book Through the Grinder Cleo Coyle, thanks to some quiet time yesterday. I really like this series. Good characters and descriptions how they make those foo-foo coffee drinks at the lovely places that are not Star$$. I am a little more than halfway through The Ghost and the Dead Deb Alice Kimberly as bedside book. I like this series, but getting a bit tired of every descriptive thing coming out of Jack Shepherd (the ghost) as 'hardboiled'. Ah well, still a good cozy series with not just her issues with the ghost, but with her dead husband's uber-snob family. I'll keep reading it and the rest of the series. And just found another author to look for, Shirley Darmsgaard. She writes the Abby and Ophelia series. Looks to deal with paranormal and that is my favorite, at least well-written paranormal mysteries are my favorite.

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