01 August 2006

It's Tuesday and I'm Supposed to Be Working

Work, shmork....Joy just gave me advice how to update my blog and I am doing so. Still have a way to go before it's better, but that's cool.

I finished 'The Ellusive Mrs Pollifax' Dorothy Gilman, BOT, in the car and started 'Death Dance' Linda Fairstein, BOT, last night. Good so far. I was almost ready to give up on Fairstein and her series with the sex crimes lawyer, Alexandra Cooper, but this one is catching my interest.
I also completed 'Bubbles Ablaze' Sarah Strohmeyer as bedside book and re-started 'Mysteria' a compilation of stories by some of my favorite and soon to be favorite authors of otherworld genre. This one's premise is a demon has 'gone good' and helped settlers make it to safety and shelter and they formed Mysteria in Colorado. Demon likes being good so much, he continues to good works until BossMan, the Devil, brings him home for punishment. That punishment is to be a hottie mortal back in Mysteria....

Back to work...shmork....must earn the ducats to purchase more books, must one....

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