21 August 2006

Finally Have House Back to Myself and Get to Read a Book Again!!!

Schnikees!!! I love my family and so glad my sister, mom and two nephews were able to come out for a visit, but am SO GLAD to have my house back. With the added benefit of being able to find the time to read, get on the computer and just sit without having to take crap for it. I am listening to Labyrinth Kate Mosse, BOCD in the car. I'm on CD6. I vacillated with my next purse book and bedside book. I finally decided, and stayed with, purse book Slay It With Flowers Kate Collins and Not a Girl Detective Susan Kandell. Very fluffy, cozy to maintain my fragile equilibrium while my family was visiting, and funny enough to hold my interest.
I found The Ruins Scott Smith BOCD on a visit through B&N with my sister. She saw my interest in a misplaced book in the children's section and bought The Stolen Child Keith Donahue to add to Mt Git'r'Read. It is already on my bedside hillock. I believe it will be next at bat.
I have my recumbent stationery bike put together thanks to my ever lovin' husband. Much gnashing of teeth and cursing of the gods, but it is set up and ready for my use. I love to combine my ride with reading. I am a happy camper (biker??).

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booklogged said...

I know what you mean about getting your house back. That's one of the best things about fall - company doesn't come so often, school is going so last daughter is gone, hubby's used up his vacation so he's at work AND the house is tranquil once again. Grab the book!