27 July 2006

OMiGod, I haven't Blogged Since SATURDAY

Holy crappaduck! I cannot believe I haven't done any kind of updating here since Saturday. What a loser! I have finished 'Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way' and started a new BOT, 'The Ellusive Mrs Pollifax' Dorothy Gilman. I may be tiring of this series, so deleted the rest of the titles from my wishlist. I have had to resort to bathroom reading my purse book, 'The Royal Treatment' as I never friggin' have time to read anywhere else. I am hoping that maybe the line at the DMV will be long and I can read there. And on chapter 11-ish in bedside book, 'Bubbles Ablaze'. Hope to read more tonight and maybe wake up early and read in the morning. I should go other goal for July....time to go find the DMV and get car registered. Do I know how to party or what???? I need to make more time for this blog, so I can be like my buds SuziQ and Joy. Their blog pages are cool. I need to see how to make links like they have.

1 comment:

Joy said...

You are just too funny!!!