09 August 2006

Actually Finishing Books!

Amazingly, I have been able to complete two books. One was audiobook, 'Death Dance' Linda Fairstein and I am done with this author. I've read or listened to a few and they are all the same. With some authors, this does not bother me. With Fairstein, it does irk. So no mo'....
I also am finished with 'Mysteria' a compilation of four authors set in the same magical town of Mysteria Colorado. I could only finish two of the four stories. Two were pap and just not worth my brain matter to finish. I absolutely finished MaryJanice Davidson's story. She is my latest favorite author.
I began BOCD 'Labyrinth' Kate Mosse, not she of the cocaine cranium 'super' model fame, rather the co-founder of the Orange Prize for Fiction in England. Good so far. I also began 'Tall Dark and Hungry' Lynsay Sands as I've promised it to a friend. I'd really rather begin 'Death of a Darklord' Laurell K will wait...

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Patricia Pomeroy Tanner said...


My name is Patricia Pomeroy Tanner and that is also my pen name. You might want to check out my blog. You can see both of my books on Amazon but I was not pleased with the first one, For the Love of Joy as Publish America didn't edit it well. I now have my own editor. You can see Mercy Triumphs on Amazon or The ISBN # is 1-59453-495-0.

I like your blog and will check back from time to time.