28 August 2006

So Much for DAILY....

Sooooo much for daily reads. I do, at least, read daily. I just don't post daily. I guess the title is appropriate enough.
I am on the last folder of CDs with Labyrinth Kate Mosse. Listening to that in the car as I to and fro. I have two bedside books The Stolen Child Keith Donahue and Seduction in Death J D Robb. JD Robb is just the mind candy I was looking for. It makes for a fast read while observing the lives of Eve and Roarke and their circle of friends, coworkers, criminal minds.... Slay it With Flowers Kate Collins is the purse book and slowly getting through it. I have a hard time getting the time to read it. When I go on shift work, I'll have more foo-foo coffee shop time, therefore more reading time.
I went to High Crimes Bookstore on Friday and found a treasure trove from my wishlist. Calibre and McDead Ken Bruen, Hammerhead Ranch Hotel Tim Dorsey, Locked Doors Blake Crouch, Mansions of the Dead Sarah Stewart Taylor, The Saturday Morning Murder Batya Gur, Panic Jeff Abbott, Blood of Angels Reed Arvin. I went to the used bookstore on Saturday at the insistence of my 3.5 year old daughter to visit the Pooh Corner Store. What an arm twister....found The Last Goodbye Reed Arvin, Triggerfish Twist Tim Dorsey, and Don of the Dead Casey Daniels. Now I can barely wait to start any and all of them.


Joy said...

Oh where, oh where can that Vickie be?

Oh where, oh where has she gone?

booklogged said...

Hello, Vickie. I stumbled across your blog from a link on SuzieQ's blog. We're kind-of neighbors - I just live over the border in Utah, okay, so it's a seven hour drive! Some of my family is planning a trip to Denver for our UEA weekend.

We seem to have similar tastes in books. I love mystery/crime/thriller books.