23 March 2012

Less Bacon and More Shakin' - Friday - 23 Mar 2012

‎2lbs,2lbs,2lbs,2lbs!!! I am down down down 2lbs! Even with the grumpypants day and visit to Cinzetti's Italian Kitchen for Lady K's birthday, I tracked like a fiendette and got in walks with Bailey the Wonderdog every day. She's happy, I'm's all good.
Starting weight: 244.6
Current weight: 225.8

Fri 16 Mar - 7036 steps
Sat 17 Mar - 9654 steps
Sun 18 Mar - 8868 steps
Mon 19 Mar - 10,116 steps
Tues 20 Mar - 14,658 steps
Wed 21 Mar - 14,526 steps
Thurs 22 Mar - 10,042 step


Thoughts of Joy said...

Keep up the great work Vickie!!! "Fiendette" LOL

Did you read my comment back to you regarding my Colorado woes? So sad. :(

Sherri said...

Vickie, I am so happy for you!!! Way to go!!!!

Vickie said...

Joy: Thank you! And I haven't read your post, but heading over.

Sherri: Thank you! It feels good to see the numbers go down. Next step will be when I see my doc and hope that my blood work numbers are good, too.