01 March 2012

Books Read in February 2012

Books read in February:
16. TRACKING THE TEMPEST: Jane True Novel #2 – Nicole Peeler, UF, MPB, excellent
17. AREA 51: Area 51 #1 – Robert Doherty, sci-fi thriller, Nookbook, fab thrill ride
18. ECHO PARK: Harry Bosch #12 – Michael Connelly, thriller, BOCD, always good
19. DEAD IRON: Age of Steam Book One – Devon Monk, steampunk, TPB, HoleySchmokes!
20. BIGGIE AND THE DEVIL DIET – Nancy Bell, cozy, BOCD, really good
21. A DARKLY HIDDEN TRUTH: The Monastery Murders #2 – Donna Fletcher Crow, suspense, TPB/ARC, excellent
22. STRANGER IN PARADISE: A Jesse Stone Novel – Robert B Parker, suspense, BOCD, excellent
23. BURIED IN A BOOK: A Novel Idea Mystery #1 – Lucy Arlington, cozy, MPB, super
24. TRESSED TO KILL: A Southern Beauty Shop Mystery #1 – Lila Dare, cozy, MPB, yee-haw good
25. TEMPEST IN THE TEA LEAVES: A Fortune Teller Mystery #1 – Kari Lee Townsend, cozy, MPB, good
26. THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS – John Connolly, dark fantasy, BOCD, WOW!
27. BLOOD AND GUITARS – Heather Jensen, paranormal romance-ish, Nookbook, really cool

4 audiobooks
2 Nookbooks
6 books
12 for February
27 for 2012 so far


Aurian said...

Nice list Vickie!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Great month of reading!!

Sherri said...

Vickie, looks like you got alot of good reading in!!

Vickie said...

Aurian: Thanks, I had a good time with all of them.

Mary: Thanks! Would that I had more reading time.

Sherri: I did, more than I thought I would.