18 March 2012

Blooms in the Garden....First BITG for 2012!!

I know, this one isn't exactly in the's what's become the orchid corner in the kitchen

A little Johnny-Jump-Up that jumped into one of the planters over the winter...I don't mind at all

First daffodils in the front berm...these are wee mini ones that are just sooooo cute! Must get more


Sherri said...

Vickie, beautiful flowers both in and out!!

Vickie said...

Sherri: Thank you, sweetie. It's starting to feel like spring here.

Aurian said...

Lovely pics again Vickie, I love orchids, violets and daffodils a lot! I keep my orchids at the office, it is always so hot here, perfect for them. Not so good for me, as I need the airco every day.