03 March 2012

Caaaaarl! Bravo Llamas...Best Crew EVAH!

This is my crew, the Bravo Llamas. L-R: Vickie Llama, Ricky Bobby Llama, Kevin Llama, Dan LLama, Michelle Llama, Jay Llama and Matt LLama. We became this after LLama Crew Commander Matt came in, on his very first day, wearing the llama hat he is wearing in the pic. Matt Llama, Kevin Llama, and Ricky Bobby Llama are all fans of the Youtube sensational cartoon, Llamas with Hats. I looked online on and found the shirts for our crew photo..

See below if you've never experienced the fab Llamas with Hats:


Aurian said...

No idea what you are blogging about! But the pic is cute. And what does this crew do?

Vickie said...

Aurian: This is the crew I work with. We watch satellites.