28 November 2011

MIND OVER MURDER: A Raven's Nest Bookstore Mystery - Allison Kingsley

From the back of the book: Cousins and best friends Clara and Stephanie Quinn run the Raven's Nest bookstore in quaint Finn's Harbor, Maine. It's where people go to find their most coveted reads, having no idea it's Clara who's reading their minds.....

For some time, all Clara Quinn wanted was to get away from Finn's Harbor---and her inherited abillity to see into the future and read people's thoughts, a trait her family calls the Quinn Sense. But Clara couldn't stay away for long, and soon she's helping her cousin, Stephanie Quinn Dowd, in her bookstore, the Raven's Nest.

The bookstore has made an enemy of the town crier, Ana Jordan, who's outraged by the store's occult collection and how it's poisoning the town's youth. Meanwhile, the store's number one employee, Molly, has made no secret of her anger over Ana's antics. So when Ana is found dead, killed by a bust of Edgar Allen Poe----sculpted by Molly---the evidence is stacked against her. Clara knows Molly and the the store are in trouble. Now she must rely on her gift to make sense of his senseless murder.....


I mostly liked this cozy mystery. It meets the criteria of interesting characters, set in a town I wouldn't mind visiting, good-versus-whacked-in-the-cranium-mean, with the added bonus a tinge of paranormal.

One issue was that the whacked-in-the-cranium-mean person got whacked before I had a chance to really see why she was so mean and no one liked her.

The story was a little choppy, but I still wanted to find out what was going to happen next and see if it flowed any better as the book continued. It was blurbed by Yasmine Galenorn, one of my favorite authors, so I know it has promise and I will look for the next in the series.

Allison Kingsley is a pseudonym for Kate Kingsbury/Doreen Roberts/Rebecca Kent.

Four voices in the cranium beans....


Mary (Bookfan) said...

I like the premise. Adding it to my list.
Your Christmas countdown widget makes me a little anxious, lol.

Aurian said...

Mmm blurbed by Yasmine? Then it has to be good. On the wishlist it goes.

Vickie said...

Mary: It is an intriguing premise. And it's in a bookstore. A win-win. *smile*

Aurian: Yep, Yasmine dug it. I look forward to the next in the series.