11 November 2011


From book overview on B&N:
The Cultist: How do you save a lost child no one believes exists?When young yet jaded hacker Takara Murakami meets 10-year-old Tyler online, she doubts the boy's story of escape from a cult group's mass suicide in the New Mexico wilderness. The police find no evidence of Tyler's existence and warn Takara it's a hoax, or worse, a trap.But the death of her younger brother in an earthquake years ago still haunts Takara. As Tyler's laptop computer dies and he loses communication with the outside world, Takara races from high-tech Tokyo to the rugged Gila National Forest to save him. However, cult leader Silas also tracks the boy, determined to kill the only surviving witness to his crime.Who will find Tyler first?


Tyler is a 10 year old boy whose family is caught up in the noose of a fanatic’s cult. Tyler escapes death and the fanatic. Now he is on his own in the New Mexico wilderness. His only aid comes from a woman in Tokyo, Japan via an online fantasy role playing game called Lair of the Hydra that is about to go defunct.
Time is running out for the boy. The woman, Takara, is doing all she can even though she is half a world away from this boy she knows nothing about except his role playing character. It could be a hoax, but she doesn’t want to take that chance and have anything happen to this boy.
Silas, the cultist, is searching for Tyler. He's the only witness to Silas's evil act of murder.
Tyler is hungry, thirsty, lost and trying to keep out of the reach of the crazed fanatic, Silas. I heartily admired Tyler’s intestinal fortitude in figuring things out as he went. He’s seen Animal Planet and read, so he knew some things about his location and how to survive. The rest he figures out as he goes. He didn’t whine or whimper, he just kept going, doing his best to escape the fate he knows he’ll meet if Silas caught up to him.
I also highly admired Takara for coming to Tyler’s aid when she realized he was indeed in danger. And Tak’s friends, Jiro and Shoda, for all that they did to help. It took a huge leap of faith to go through all that they did.

Mark Boss commented on one of my reviews a month or so ago and asked if I'd be interested in reading and reviewing one of his books. I looked him up and immediately sent him an email saying I'd love to. I love when authors ask if I'd like to read one of their books. I like finding new-to-me authors and adding to the WWBL. I look forward to reading everything else he writes.

Five intestinal fortitude beans....


Aurian said...

Great review Vickie, but I think this one is a bit too scary for me. And no romantic element I guess?

Vickie said...

Aurian: Nope, no romantic element whatsoever. It wasn't so much scary to read as it was honkin' suspenseful. I read it in the daytime.