23 November 2011

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM: A Mystery A La Mode - Wendy Lyn Watson

From the back of the book: Tallulah Jones, proprietor of Dalliance, Texas's old-fashioned ice-cream parlor, dishes up luscious ice cream that is simply to die for.....

Unfortunately, Remember the A-La-Mode's profits are melting faster than a snow cone in July---and Tally's stuck scooping sundaes for her two-timing ex-husband and his bodacious new girlfriend, Brittanie, at his company luau. To make matters worse, twenty years after she dumped him in the Tasty-Swirl parking lot, Tally's high school beau, Finn Harper, comes back to town---looking every bit as delicious as a double-dip raspberry mascarpone waffle cone.

The cherry on top? Brittanie drops dead, and Tally's suddenly the prime suspect in her murder investigation. To catch a killer, Tally will have to churn up Dalliance's darkest secrets and dip deep into the past. But can Tally freeze out the real culprit before a murder charge puts her dreams on ice for good?


I don't know what it is about mysteries or any of the books I've read set in the South that makes me happy. There can be humor, suspense, thrill, Gothic mystery, what-have-you.

Texas, especially, seems prime for crack-me-up humor and twisted wrong-doin's. I have heard a lot about this series and glad I finally have a couple of them on Mt Git'r'Read. The humorous analogies, colloquialisms, and the names could easily coast and go over the top and take over the mystery. Not this one.

Tally has to solve the mystery of the death of her ex-husband's hottie girlfriend or lose her business. That meets my requirement for how the main character gets involved in the mystery. Tally is sassy and funny and loyal to her friends and family, even her ex gets her loyalty where I'd have smacked him upside the cranium.

I look forward to reading more of this series. Check in with Wendy here:

Five Texas ice cream is awesome beans.....


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Going to look for it - sounds really good!
Happy Thanksgiving, Vickie!

Aurian said...

Another series for my wishlist! I like all kinds of cozies, but indeed, the southern ones have a different kind of charm.

Vickie said...

Mary: I hope you like it, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Aurian: *grin* Glad I could help. My favorite Texas cozy series is by Dixie Cash, a sister writing team. It is an excellent series. Funny and suspenseful.