15 May 2011

Blooms on Sunday - 15 May 2011

I guess not really blooms today, but it does have to do with my garden. We tilled in the new veggie garden on Friday and planted in corn, peas, green beans, tomato plants, and various hot pepper plants while it gently rained on Saturday. We also put in my new 'fence' of bowling pins my mom found at an out-of-business bowling alley near her in Kansas and Dad brought them out in March. Perfect rain the last several days, making the ground malleable and diggable and good for the newly planted veggie seeds and plants. My bowling pin fence along what used to be the veggie garden and will now be my wildflower garden
Bless DH's heart that he goes along with the wackiness


In the beginning...there was dirt and compost over what used to be a sand volleyball court left by two owners agoTilled in on FridayPlanted in on Saturday


Sherri said...

Vickie, hope the garden is everything you want it to be!! Enjoy!!

Vickie said...

Thanks Sherri!

Mary said...

LOL, I love the bowling pins! you had a busy weekend!

Aurian said...

My first thought was: bowling pins in a garden? As flowers? But it does look good in a strange way. Perhaps a picture in a while, when the garden is in bloom?

Vickie said...

Mary: *grin* Thank you! We had a busy good weekend.

Aurian: That's my plan, I'll post periodic pics as the garden starts to bloom. I have a vision. *smile*