12 April 2011

WOLF MOON - Charles de Lint

From the back of the book: Wolf magic, harper spells....

His name when he was human was Kern, and it seemed he had been running forever, for he had become the most feared of beings: a werewolf. When the change had first come upon him, his parents had driven him away with silver daggers. Later, Kern sought human companionship. But he could not hide the truth for long, and so he kept running until he ran headlong into the deadliest pursuer of all----a harper bent on stealing his life away.

By chance Kern was able to take refuge at the Inn of the Yellow Tinker, a warm and welcoming place where he might find a home if he guarded his secret well. And at the inn, Kern found a woman he was destined to love. But could he risk both human and harper vengeance to keep her?


Charles de Lint...this is only my second of his books. First was WIDDERSHINS, part of the acclaimed Newford series, modern fantasy at its finest.

WOLF MOON is a superb fantasy set in a time of tinkers, mages, wee folk, harpers, and werewolves. The werewolf/shapeshifter aspect of the story was a new one to me, the way Kern became a werewolf. He was born a werewolf, no one else in his family is one, just him. He wants to fit in somewhere, but knows it's always just a matter of time before he is reviled and cast out or killed. Kern is on the run, finds refuge with the innkeeper, Ainsy and her friends and family. He thinks he is still on the run, but might be able to rest his soul for a bit with Ainsy who has enchanted him and maybe captured his heart.

Five fantasy at its finest beans......

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