13 April 2011

Blue Bonnet Restaurant ----YUMMEH!!

DH asked if I'd like to go the Blue Bonnet today since we were more or less in the neighborhood. We hadn't been since we were pregnant with Lady K, so, needless to say, I was quite enthusiastic. I don't care that it is on Broadway in Denver and we live up in the burbs near Boulder, we will not wait this long to go back next time. The BEST food, the best service, everything was outstanding. I had one pork and one chicken adobado taco (OMG!) with black beans and rice....DH had one fish taco, one chicken barbacoa taco, and one carne asada taco with black beans and rice. We were both super happy with our choices and can't wait to go back and try something else. Plentiful chips and salsa...we brought home a quart of the salsa, BTW.


j.a. kazimer said...

Oh God, their Margaritas... One of the best in the city. Any suggestions for Mexican food, okay just killer margaritas, in Boulder area?

Mary said...

I'm sending you the bill if I have to take my keyboard in for repair after drooling over it while reading your post. This place sounds fantastic!

And we had Chipotle last night, LOL.

Sherri said...

Sounds like a great time Vickie!! I love all those blue lights and the lit palm tree!!

Aurian said...

Going out to dinner is one of my favourite things to do. So I am glad you enjoyed your self, and that the food and everything was great. It really boosts your spirits, such a nic evening out.

Vickie said...

J A: Oddly, we haven't found a Mexican place in Boulder, but if you happen to get to Commerce City, El Jardin rocks it pretty darn well.

Mary: *grin* And I love Chipotle, too. The chicken tacos are awesome!

Sherri: I want to go back at night sometime to see those lights.

Aurian: I love going out, too. We try to get out once a week, it does boost nicely indeed.