03 April 2011


From the back of the book: "All I ever wanted in life was true love, a set of copper cookware, and the perfect recipe for Red Velvet cake. The last thing I wanted was to end up on Charleston's six o'clock news, accused of murder and a slew of other crimes."

After Teeny Templeton catches her fiance playing naked badminton with two other women, she finds herself in a whole lot of trouble. When he is found dead a few days later, all fingers point to her and Teeny's only hope is an old boyfriend-turned-lawyer. With evidence mounting and the heat turning up, Teeny must figure out where tolive, how to support herself, how to clear her name, and how to protect her heart.

Hilarious, sexy, and wise, this debut mystery from acclaimed author Michael Lee West is full of surprises.


On the back of the book, one of the blurbs states that they hope that there is going to be a sequel...I am with the blurb writer! I love mysteries of all kinds and in the tippy top are the ones taking place in the South. There's humor, food and superb characters along with the mystery solving.

I adore Teeny! She is the epitome of my vision of the strong, sassy, git'r'done Southern woman who finds herself in a pickle and goes about doing what needs doing to get out of it.

The dialogue tickled me no end, from PI Red calling Teeny 'girlie' to Teeny's way of getting through situations with imaginary recipes like Smother Your Love gravy poured over Forget Him pork chops, with a heaping side dish of He's Better Off With Her pie.

Thank you, LibraryThing, for sending this out to me for my February selection!

Five big ol' sparkly had me at nekkid badminton diamonds.....


Mary said...

I'm glad you liked this one - it's on my list. It really appealed to me when I first read the synopsis.

Becky LeJeune said...

Fantastic, Vickie! I'll read this one this week. I could definitely use a book like this this week.

Aurian said...

Sounds like a bit of chic-lit thrown together with a cozy? I think I would like this one.

Vickie said...

Mary: It is so GOOD!

Becky: I know you will enjoy it. It's funny and a good mystery. I hope it gives you a lift.

Aurian: It is exactly that, chick-lit mixed with mystery. I love Southern humor and mysteries.