31 January 2010

Mini Challenge via LiteraryEscapism

Over at Literary Escapism, there's a nifty little mini challenge that has to do with the League of Reluctant Adults, one of my favorite blogs to follow. There are 20 authors on that one, all of the UF/paranormal schtuff I luh-huv to read. Link to post reviews is here.
ROE for the challenge is as follows:
1. You do not have to be a participant of the New Authors Challenge, but if you're not, why not?
2. The Challenge will run from February 1st through the 28th. All reviews must have a February 2010 date.
3. The goal is to read up to 5 different authors from the list of Leaguers. There are 20 different authors, so finding five shouldn't be too hard.
4. The idea is to try a new author (it is a New Author mini-challenge), however, if you've already read all 20 of them, you can still participate, but don't re-read a novel. Try something new. Not only is this an excuse to try a certain group of authors, but it's also a great chance to promote them (and bookstores as you buy the books or the library if you go that route)

There are prizes from the authors as well as from the blog site hosting this challenge.
Authors o' the League:
Mario Acevedo, Michele Bardsley, Stacia Kane, Caitlin Kittredge, Kat Richardson, Michelle Rowen, Dakota Cassidy, Kelly Meding, Diana Rowland, Carolyn Crane, Richelle Mead, Jeanne Stein, Molly Harper, Nicole Peeler, Anton Strout, Mark Henry, Cherie Priest, Jaye Wells, Jackie Kessler, Jennifer Rardin

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Becky LeJeune said...

Sweet! I just signed up and picked my five.