03 January 2010

Books Read in 2009

1. REMAINS OF THE DEAD - Wendy Roberts, ARC, paranormal cozy
2. LAUGHTER OF THE DEAD KINGS: Vicky Bliss series - Elizabeth Peters, BOCD, cozy
3. MEAN STREETS - Jim Butcher, Simon R Green, Kat Richardson, Thomas E Sniegoski, TPB
4. UNDEAD & UNWED: Queen Betsy series - MaryJanice Davidson, MPB, paranormal funny
5. LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS:Sookie Stackhouse series - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal
6. AN ICE COLD GRAVE: Harper Connelly series - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal mystery
7. HARM NONE:Rowan Gant series - M R Sellars, MPB, paranormal mystery
8. HEAT STROKE: Weather Warden series - Rachel Caine, MPB, UF
9. THE GHOST AND THE HAUNTED MANSION: Haunted Bookshop series - Alice Kimberly, MPB, paranormal cozy
10. THE GATEKEEPER - Michelle Gagnon, beta read, thriller
11. BLIND FALL - Christopher Rice, BOT, thriller
12. DEFENDING ANGELS - Mary Stanton, MPB, paranormal mystery
13. THE WITCH'S GRAVE - Shirley Damsgaard, MPB, paranormal mystery
14. PLAYING WITH FIRE - Katie MacAlister, MPB, funny paranormal
15. SKIN HUNGER: The Resurrection of Magic - Kathleen Duey, BOCD, YA fantasy
16. THE GINGERBREAD MAN - Maggie Shayne, MPB, suspense
17. TASTE OF NIGHT: Second Sign of the Zodiac - Vicki Pettersson, MPB, UF
18. DEAD TO THE WORLD - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal
19. NO REST FOR THE WICCAN - Madelyn Alt, MPB, paranormal cozy
20. THE CASE OF THE MISSING BOOKS: A Mobile Library Mystery - Ian Sansom, TPB, cozy
21. BLOODSTREAM - Tess Gerritsen, BOT, medical mystery
22. ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE - Jeaniene Frost, MPB, UF
23. THE MAGIC THIEF - Sarah Prineas, BOCD, YA fantasy
*24. GHOST ROAD BLUES - Jonathan Maberry, MPB, horror, superb!
25. ESPRESSO SHOT - Cleo Coyle, HB, cozy mystery

26. MURDER WITH RESERVATIONS - Elaine Viets, MPB, cozy mystery
*27. GREYWALKER - Kat Richardson, BOCD, UF
28. MURDER OF A CHOCOLATE-COVERED CHERRY - Denise Swanson, cozy mystery
29. THE MEDIATOR: NINTH KEY - Meg Cabot, BOCD, YA paranormal mystery
*30. SUCCUBUS BLUES - Richelle Mead, TPB, UF
32. SHADOW SPINNER - Susan Fletcher, HB, YA fantasy
33. PERSONAL DEMONS - Stacia Kane, MPB, UF
34. CLUB DEAD: Sookie Stackhouse - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal
*35. DOG DAYS - John Levitt, MPB, UF
36. THE BODY IN THE CAST - Katherine Hall Page, MPB, cozy mystery
37. LIE DOWN WITH THE DEVIL - Linda Barnes, BOCD, suspense
38. THE WHISPERING ROOM - Amanda Stevens, MPB, suspense
39. MEXICAN HAT - Michael McGarrity, BOT, suspense
40. ALADDIN & THE MAGIC LAMP - Phillip Pullman, BOCD, YA fantasy
41. GHOULS JUST HAUNT TO HAVE FUN - Victoria Laurie, MPB, paranormal mystery
42. BLUE DIABLO - Ann Aguirre, MPB, UF
*44. FOUR & TWENTY BLACKBIRDS - Cherie Priest, TPB, UF
45. DEAD & GONE: Sookie Stackhouse series - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal
46. BODY BAGS - Christopher Golden, BOCD, YA medical mystery
47. THE GHOST AND THE FEMME FATALE - Alice Kimberly, MPB, pararnormal cozy
*48. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW - Mike Carey, MPB, UF
49. THE LITTLE SLEEP - Paul Tremblay, TPB, mystery
50. SERPENT GATE - Michael McGarrity, BOT, suspense
51. BOOTLEGGER'S DAUGHTER - Margaret Maron, BOCD, mystery
52. THE WATCHER: Anna Strong series - Jeanne C Stein, MPB, UF
*53. GARDEN SPELLS - Sarah Addison Allen, TPB, fantasy
54. BEST MAN TO DIE - Ruth Rendell, BOCD, mystery
56. WICKED GAME - Jeri Smith-Ready, TPB, UF
57. WEBMAGE - Kelly McCullough, MPB, fantasy
58. THE HERO & THE CROWN - Robin McKinley, BOCD, fantasy
59. DON'T CALL ME A CROOK - Bob Moore, TPB, autobiography
60. THE CHATTER OF THE MAIDENS - Alys Claire, MPB, medieval mystery
61. BLACK MAGIC WOMAN - Justin Gustainis, MPB, UF
62. STORM BORN - Richelle Mead, MPB, fantasy
*63. MONEY SHOT - Christa Faust, MPB, noir mystery
64. A KISS GONE BAD - Jeff Abbott, BOT, suspense
65. BLOODY GOOD - Georgia Evans, MPB, paranormal mystery
66. ALL TOGETHER DEAD: Sookie Stackhouse - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal
67. MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND - Lisa Shearin, MPB, fantasy
68. ANGEL VINDICATED - Viola Estrella, E-Book, paranormal romance
69. LORD OF MISRULE: Morganville Vampires - Rachel Caine, MPB, paranormal mystery
70. MYTH DIRECTIONS - Robert Asprin, BOT, fantasy
71. A CIRCLE OF SOULS - Preetham Grandhi, TPB, suspense
*72. THEM BONES - Carolyn Haines, MPB, cozy mystery
73. SUCCUBUS BLUES - Richelle Mead, TPB, UF
74. DEAD MARCH - Ann McMillan, MPB, Civil War mystery
75. GRAVE PERIL: Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, MPB, UF
76. PANIC - Jeff Abbott, BOCD, suspense
*77. STREET MAGIC - Caitlin Kittredge, MPB, UF
78. THE UNSCRATCHABLES - Cornelius Kane, TPB, fantasy mystery
79. POLTERGEIST - Kat Richardson, BOCD, UF
80. CHILE DEATH: China Bayles series - Susan Wittig Albert, MPB, cozy mystery
81. SKIN DEEP - Mark Del Franco, ARC, UF
82. BONES OF BETRAYAL - Jefferson Bass, BOCD, suspense
83. DIED IN THE WOOL - Rett McPherson, MPB, cozy mystery
84. THE MEDIATOR: DARKEST HOUR - Meg Cabot, BOCD, YA paranormal
85. DISAPPEARING NIGHTLY - Laura Resnick, MPB, paranormal fantasy
86. THROUGH VIOLET EYES - Stephen Woodworth, MPB, suspense
87. BLACK JACK POINT: Judge Whit Mosley series - Jeff Abbott, BOT, suspense
88. DIM SUM DEAD - Jerrilyn Farmer, MPB, cozy mystery
89. STAYING DEAD: The Retrievers - Laura Anne Gilman, MPB, UF mystery
90. MISSING YOU: 1-800-Where-R-You - Meg Cabot, BOCD, YA paranormal mystery
91. AUNT DIMITY DIGS IN - Nancy Atherton, HB, cozy mystery
92. BROKEN - Kelley Armstrong, MPB, UF
93. DEATH'S DAUGHTER - Amber Benson, MPB, UF
94. DEAD UNTIL DARK: Sookie Stackhouse - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal
95. LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS: Sookie Stackhouse - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal
96. DEFINITELY DEAD: Sookie Stackhouse - Charlaine Harris, BOCD, paranormal
97. THE MEDIATOR: REUNION - Meg Cabot, BOCD, YA paranormal
*98. THE GRAVEYARD BOOK - Neil Gaiman, BOCD, YA paranormal mystery
99. THE HARROWING - Alexandra Sokoloff, MPB, horror
100. SOULLESS - Gail Carrington, MPB, steampunk mystery
101. HEAD GAMES: A Body Bags Mystery - Christopher Golden, BOT, mystery
102. STORM QUEEN: Dark Swan #2 - Richelle Mead, MPB, fantasy
103. BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE - Annette Curtis Klaus, BOCD, YA paranormal
104. BLOODY AWFUL - Georgia Evans, MPB, paranormal mystery
105. CUT & RUN: Judge Whit Mosley series - Jeff Abbott, BOCD, suspense
*106. VICIOUS CIRCLE: Felix Castor series - Mike Carey, MPB, UF
*107. HOLIDAY GRIND: Coffeehouse Mystery - Cleo Coyle, ARC, cozy mystery
108. SKIN DEEP: A Bodybags Mystery - Christopher Golden, BOT, YA medical mystery
109. DESOLATE ANGEL - Chaz McGee, MPB, paranormal mystery
*110. OVER MY DEAD BODY - Michelle Bardsley, MPB, paranormal romance
111. A DILLY OF A DEATH: China Bayles series - Susan Wittig Albert, MPB, cozy mystery
112. DEATH'S HALF ACRE: Judge Deborah Knott series - Margaret Maron, BOCD, suspense
*113. LEGACY: Anna Strong series - Jeanne C Stein, MPB, UF
114. MEDIATOR: TWILIGHT - Meg Cabot, BOCD, YA paranormal
115. JERUSALEM INN: Richard Jury - Martha Grimes, MPB, mystery
116. A CHRISTMAS SECRET - Anne Perry, HB, cozy mystery
*117. ROSEMARY & RUE: October Daye series - Seanan McGuire, MPB, UF
118. LET THERE BE SUSPECTS - Emilie Richards, MPB, cozy mystery
119. THE PRIVATE PATIENT: Adam Dalgliesh series - P D James, BOCD, police procedural mystery
120. SILENT NIGHT, HAUNTED NIGHT: Nicki Styx series - Terri Garey, MPB, UF
121. UNDEAD AND UNRETURNABLE - MaryJanice Davidson, HB, paranormal romance
122. DIPPED, STRIPPED, AND DEAD - Elise Hyatt, MPB, cozy mystery

* means book was extra special for a good reason

I will get back to link the books to my reviews when I get the chance.....


Mary said...

Wow, amazing number of books, Vickie.

Here's to a wonderful year full of fantastic books.

Sherri said...

Vickie, that is one rockin' list of books you read last year! I only got to the 50 mark but that was good for me! I am going to try and read more and take more "me" time this year! Have a good one chickie!!