22 January 2010

DARK LIGHT: Doc Ford novel - Randy Wayne White, narr Henry Strozier

From the back of the BOCD: Best-selling author Randy Wayne white and his character Doc Ford are favorites of suspense fans across the nation. The exhilarating thriller DARK LIGHT unfolds in the wake of a massive natural disaster.
A category four hurricane whips West Florida, destroying homes and taking lives. The storm thrashes reefs and buries known shipwrecks--but it also exposes new ones. Then one night a stranger shows up at Doc Ford's labratory. The elderly visitor relays an amazing story of her lover lost at sea during World War II while attempting to contact a Nazi submarine. The woman is sure he was being blackmailed--and now the truth may finally be within her grasp. Taken by her story, Doc investigates. It doesn't take long before he meets the rather unpleasant men working the same case from the other side.
With the spellbinding DARK LIGHT, White proves once again why his is one of the best suspense series running. A dramatic reading from narrator Henry Strozier ensures that longtime fans and newcomers alike will be treated to an unforgettable listening experience.
Doc Ford is a man I could easily have a crush on. And there's his buddy, Tomlinson, who is a free spirit with a wicked sense of humor. Both are smart and take care of themselves, each other and their friends.
There seem to be two stories going on, but they are intertwined. There are some Wisconsin mob guys down taking advantage of the last hurricane's destructive path. Doc wants to set them straight after the mob guys take on some of Doc's buds.
Then there's the the mystery woman Tomlinson introduces to Doc. The story she tells of lost WWII treasure in the ocean intrigues Doc as much as the mystery woman does.
I've listened to a couple of books from this series and enjoyed each one thoroughly. This one was especially so. This is a series, but each one can be listened to as a stand-alone as far as I am concerned. And rarely does a series keep going strong when there are a lot of books in the series. This isn't one of those, again, as far as I am concerned. DARK LIGHT is #13 in the lineup and there are 17 of them.
Five Florida coast can be dangerous beans.....

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