15 June 2009

Part 2....the I Won batch, the I have good book buds, & the I had a B&N coupon batch

I won some books from Joy (yep I won two copies of AFRAID...)

My good buddy, JenG, up in Alaska sent:

And because I had a B&N coupon burning a hole in my uber-recommended by Stacia Kane and BittenByBooks:

And highly enthusiastically recommended by J A Konrath:


Jess said...

Wow -- that is quite the haul. Street Magic looks like a great read.

Vickie said...

Jess: I will now go on book buying sabbatical....yeah, right....

= D

Bella Foxx said...

I am reading Afraid. I finished Serial and was so hooked that when I saw Afraid available for Sony E-Reader at a discounted price (YAY) I just had to buy it and start reading it that night!

Vickie said...

SuziBell: I look forward to your review!