11 March 2007

Happy Early Daylight Savings Time....sigh...and they do this WHY?!

Please to note the sarcasm...I, and many others, wonder why this country still does this godawful thing to people each and every year. And this year, hey let's do it earlier and cause havoc with computers, schedules, etc, not just mess with sleep patterns. I am a shift worker with an almost 4 year old daughter....nuf least for me.....

I did get my quality time with Sunshine and Shadow Earlene Fowler this morning on the way in to work. I stayed up last night with my bedside book A Charmed Death Madelyn Alt. I am halfway through that one and hope to get a lot of reading accomplished in purse book Sleeping With the Fishes MaryJanice Davidson. All great choices I made this time around. Sometimes one of the three will be good enough to finish, but not great to pay attention to. Some I just stop reading completely. Of that group, I will bookmark and put back on Mt Git'r'Read OR I will give up on it and put it in the giveaway pile. Thankfully, all three of these are worth paying attention to as well as keep on keepin' on. I think this is my favorite Earlene Fowler so far. And I absolutely adore MaryJanice Davidson. She could write the phone book funny. (bad grammar...yeah, yeah, yeah)

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