17 March 2007

Busy Book Filled Week

I guess busy wouldn't be the best word, but I did finish quite a few more than I thought I would. Finished Sunshine and Shadow Earlene Fowler BOT in the car and tried starting The Holy Thief Ellis Peters. That one didn't catch my interest, so sent it back to RecordedBooks and started (and liking) Death of a Charming Man MC Beaton. I finished A Charmed Death Madelyn Alt as bedside book when I woke from my nap to prep for this mid shift. First I've read of the series and I will be getting more. I will now go back to Charlaine Harris' Shakespeare series I was reading while DD was taking her bath....Not sure yet what book I will choose for next purse book. I finished How To Marry a Murderer Amanda Matetsky. Good first of this series I've read as well and will be looking for more of this Paige Turner series. Not a play on words, it's the name of the character. Set in the 50s and makes me glad I wasn't born back then. Chicks can biotch how bad it is now to be a chick, back then it was the pits.
I will now go choose my next purse book. Have two in the lab. If it stays quiet again tonight, I can put a goodly dent in whatever one I choose.

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acr2angel said...

I really like the Earlene Fowler books.

Hope you are having a good week.