16 November 2006

Possible Renaming of Blog to WEEEKLLEEEE Reads

What in the world? I never get to post when I want to. I am reading new books now, except I am still making my way through Bethlehem Road Murder Batya Gur. It is taking me a while to read it and get used to the different politics of this mystery. It is getting better the more I read it, thank goodness. I am halfway through it and hope to finish it by the end of the month. I am now listening to Definitely Dead Charlaine Harris, one of my most favorite authors. I may have to do a blog one day on those ladies and gents, favorite authors I mean. I am reading a new purse book The Bohemian Murders Dianne Day, another mystery coming of age set in the early 1900's. Very good and it is part of a series, so will likely be looking for more of Dianne Day. I have some fall back books on standby in case I actually get the time to finish this current purse book. Can't recall the titles offhand, they are in the car and I am in here nice and toasty warm. It's my birthday today and I feel the need to go shopping for books to gift myself.

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Joy said...

Happy Birthday, Vickie! What did you buy?