24 November 2006

Happy Day After Turkey Day

I hope all had a good Thanksgiving, or a close facsimile thereof. I spent mine at work, which means holiday pay as well as regular shift work pay. More $$ for Christmas presents and books. Good thing to have the extra $$ as the husband is digging on some expensive gifts. His will be few and costly where I prefer many and inexpensive. Don't like the word cheap....Quality does not have to cost so much, at least for me to enjoy. I am looooow maintenance.

I finished Definitely Dead Charlaine Harris BOCD on the way in to work this afternoon. I started BOT Queen's Play Dorothy Dunnett and I hope I can keep up with it. It is very large in characters and language. 1600s and a lot of time spent at sea so far. If there is something from RecordedBooks when I get home, this one might be going back tomorrow......Life is too short for convolution. I do love the narrator's voice and accent. Maybe leaning more to the accent as it is Scots. Yummy.

Hoping for time to read this shift.

Jan: You asked what I bought for my birthday books, I didn't. Buy anything that is. I do have an order in to B&N and the next Jacquline Winspear book with Maisie Dobbs series is in that order.

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Vickie said...

AGH! My bad! It was Joy, not my J girls mixed up!!!