10 September 2011

Guilty Pleasure Flick Saturday - TWISTER

'Twister' released in 1996, starring Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Jami Gertz, Cary Elwes, Philip Seymour Johnson, is movie about storm chasers.
Here's what B&N had to say:
Trading in the bus for a tornado, Speed director Jan De Bont brews up one of the most spectacular natural disaster films to ever hit the screen. When a record-breaking number of tornadoes attack the Midwest, Jo (Helen Hunt) and Bill (Bill Paxton) lead their team of "storm chasers" through Oklahoma in hopes of recording scientific evidence and devising an earlier warning system. Thought the nominal story takes a backseat to the truly amazing special effects, there is an appealing chemistry between Hunt and Paxton, and the supporting cast (led by Cary Elwes and Phillip Seymour Hoffman) supplies laughs. And if character development sometimes gets lost in the storm, De Bont creates a memorable villain in the devastatingly believable -- and beautiful -- spectacle of a computer-animated tornado. The skies are threatening, the landscape sweeping, and cows and tractors flying through the air will remind you of that other famous Hollywood cyclone. No one ends up in Oz here, but Twister has a magic all its own. -- J. D. Merrill Barnes & Noble

Favorite lines (thanks

Dusty: "The Suck Zone". It's the point basically when the twister... sucks you up. That's not the technical term for it, obviously.
Jo: Can I drive?
Bill: No!
Jo: Then would you?
Bill: [noticing truck has drifted off the road and is about to run into a parked vehicle] Whoa!

[Bill needs Jo's signature on divorce papers]
Jo: So you want the papers?
Bill: I did drive all the way out here for 'em.
Jo: They're signed and ready.
Bill: Good, good. Let's see 'em.
Jo: Do you need them right this second?
Bill: Well, it'd be nice.
Jo: What's the urgent urgency? You act like you're getting married.
Bill: I am.
Jo: [after a shocked pause] Wow.
Bill: Yeah.
Jo: Is it Melinda?
Bill: Melissa.
Jo: Wasn't there a Melinda in there somewhere?
Bill: No, there's only been Melissa since you.
Jo: Boy, not much for browsing are you?
[Crying with fright after a pair of tornadoes spun their truck around a few times]
Melissa: When you used to tell me that you chase tornadoes, deep down I thought it was just a metaphor.
Jo: Where's my truck...? [the truck crashes back to earth, right in the middle of the road, in front of the truck Melissa is driving]
Jo: There it is.
Jo: [cow flies by in the storm] Cow. [cow flies by in the storm]
Jo: 'Nother cow.
Bill: Actually I think that was the same one.
Rabbit: God, Meg, you've got a lot of beef. Where did you get all this beef?
Meg Greene: Did you see my cows out front?
Rabbit: No.
Meg Greene: Oh!
Dusty: You slaughter your own cows, Meg, nice.
Dusty: Jo! Bill! Did you see that explosion?
Jo: [having just driven through the exploding petroleum truck with Bill] Yeah, we saw it.
Melissa: Why do you call him the extreme.
Dusty: Because Bill *is* the extreme. There was one time, he has a bottle of Jack Daniels, he was butt naked.
Bill: I was not naked, I was "not naked".
Dusty: He walks up to the twister, he throws the bottle, he says here have some. The bottle never hits the ground.
Bill: [to Melissa] Honey, these are a list of lies. There was another Bill, I killed him.

So, there you have this week's Guilty Pleasure Flick. A movie I will watch at the drop of the hat or scroll through the guide and come to a screeching halt with the remote.


Imzadi Dragonfly said...

I love this movie. It's been a few years since I've had the pleasure of watching it though.

Vickie said...

Jenna: *grin*