14 December 2010

BOUNDARY WATERS: Cork O'Connor Mystery - William Kent Krueger, narr David Chandler

From the back of the BOCD: Drawing strong comparisons to the works of James Lee Burke and Tony Hillerman, William Kent Krueger's mysteries featuring Cork O'Connor never fail to please fans. Here, a desperate search-and-rescue mission becomes deadly in the Minnesota wilderness.
As her fame continues its upward climb, a young country-western singer goes missing along the US/Canada border. Accepting an offer from the girl's father, Cork joins a rescue team that includes an ex-con, two FBI agents and a 10-year-old boy. Trekking deeper into the unforgiving wild, the group soon discovers that mother nature isn't the only thing to fear. It seems there are others looking for the missing girl, and they will resort to lethal force if anyone gets in their way.
BOUNDARY WATERS is a pulse-pounding thriller as cool and crisp as a Minnesota breeze. Acclaimed narrator David Chandler helps ramp up the suspense with a riveting performance.
I have already bumped the third in this series, PURGATORY RIDGE, to the top of my Recorded Books wishlist. BOUNDARY WATERS was just as gripping as IRON LAKE (my review). I think I could easily listen to or read this series back-to-back and I rarely (if ever) do that.
There are so many good characters in the story and the reader cannot get too attached to anyone. That's part of what makes a good suspense read. That and a good suspense story, of course.
Cork is still reeling after the death of the woman he loved and trying to make good with his family, then father of the missing country singer comes asking Cork for his help in the search. Very few of the people are who they appear and that just brings extra zing to the intrigue to say the least.
Five nothing is at it appears beans......

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