01 December 2010

Books Read in November 2010

Not a bad month for reading for November all things considered:
TOWN IN A BLUEBERRY JAM: Candy Holliday Mystery #1 - B B Haywood, cozy, MPB, good
THE TITAN'S CURSE: Percy Jackson #3 - Rick Riordan, YA fantasy, BOCD, super
BOOKPLATE SPECIAL: Booktown Mystery #3 - Lorna Barrett, cozy, really busy and good
61 HOURS: Jack Reacher #14 - Lee Child, suspense, BOCD, good
DEEPLY, DESPERATELY: Lucy Valentine #2 - cozy, MPB, really good
THE MASK OF ATREUS - A J Hartley, archeological thriller, MPB, good
VANISHED: Greywalker #4 - Kat Richardson, UF, BOCD, superb
STATE OF THE ONION: White House Chef Mystery #1 - Julie Hyzy, cozy, MPB, really good
MURDER MOST FROTHY: Coffeehouse Mystery #4 - Cleo Coyle, really good
SPELLMANS STRIKE AGAIN - Lisa Lutz, funny mystery, BOCD
GLAZED MURDER: Donut Shop Mystery #1 - Jessica Beck, cozy, okay
HUNGER GAMES - Suzanne Collins, YA postapocalyptic, BOCD, amazing!
BUZZ OFF: A Queen Bee Mystery #1 - Hannah Reed, cozy, really good

Books: 8
Audio: 5
Month: 13
YTD: 168


Mary said...

You had a better month than I - and I like the one or two word ratings. That tells me a lot and helps me choose from your list!

Sherri said...

I agree with Mary you had a better month in the reading dept. than I did! Good for you!!

Vickie said...

Mary: *grin* Thank you, glad I can help. I get wordy in my reviews, so my journal is pretty succinct.

Sherri: If I couldn't listen to my audiobooks at work or have some quiet shifts, I wouldn't have had as many books in this crazy month. I am curious how much reading I get in this, the potentially craziest month.