25 July 2008

THE TRAVELER: First Book of the Fourth Realm Trilogy - John Twelve Hawks

What an amazing time I have had with this book. I am not always drawn to sci-fi stylized genres very often, but I'd read the synopsis of this not long ago. It made its way to my wishlist and then onto my Secret Santa list last Christmas. A very wise friend chose it for me and I am so glad she did. It did linger on Mt Git'r'Read for many months, but I finally was in the right mood to try it. Now I cannot wait to find the rest of this described dystopian (someone's been reading the dictionary again) world trilogy.
Maya is a Harlequin, a protector of the Travelers. Travelers are people who can leave their bodies and travel to other realms in the parallel universes. Harlequins are raised to be so, Travelers are born to their calling.
They all battle against the Vast Machine, which includes people droned to be in the technological world and never question the use of tracking devices (grocery cards, passports,ATM cards, etc) or surveillance cameras that monitor all activity. The Brethren are the leaders of the anti-individuality and have puppets in the government, police force, military, all powerful.
The Brethren are trying to wipe out the Travelers, Harlequins, all free thinkers. The Travelers and their Harlequins are doing their best to stay alive and find others of their kind.
Amazing read.
Four beans!


Becky LeJeune said...

My only problem with these books is that he takes longer than average to come out with the next! I re-read Traveler when The Dark River came out in hardcover and I can't wait for book 3 to finally hit shelves (whenever that is), but we listed to Traveler on audio last month and there were big chunks that I couldn't remember at all!

Vickie said...

Becky: I read something that said Twelve Hawks is a reclusive kinda guy. He only has three books to his credit. He is one of those authors who needs to write more and write them faster.
I'd love to listen to this on audio! Wonder if it's on RecordedBooks....

Nikki said...

Vickie, you made this book sound very interesting. I might just have to put it on my list of books to read.


Vickie said...

Nikki: I hope you find it and like it! It is a very intriguing read.