20 July 2006

July is a good Reading Month, so Far

July has been a pretty good reading month so far. I finished another audio book this morning, 'The Frog Princess' E. D. Baker. I will be getting the next in the series from RecordedBooks soon hopefully. I am halfway through the purse book 'The Royal Treatment' MaryJanice Davidson, thanks to my 'me afternoon' yesterday. I sat in DazBog and read for a glorious hour or so and drank my SF/NF Turtle Chiller. This is a superb drink that has virtually no calories and it is chocolate and caramel. Yum-a-roonee!
August will likely be another good month for mowing through my TBR mountains, precipices, hillocks. I start shift work again and there won't be a lot of schtuff to do some times. So....I will read! I can't wait.
More later....

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