04 February 2012

January 2012 Book Journal

I seem to have begun 2012 with some banner reading: 4 Nookbooks, 6 handheld, 5 audio:

1. TOO BIG TO MISS: An Odelia Grey Mystery #1 - Sue Ann Jaffarian, cozy, Nookbook, excellent

2. THE SCARECROW - Michael Connelly, thriller, BOCD, good

3. MURDER PAST DUE: A Cat in the Stacks Mystery #1 - Miranda James, cozy, MPB, super

4. SEA CHANGE: Jesse Stone #5 - Robert B Parker, suspense, BOCD, good

5. THE ABANDONED: Graveyard Queen prequel - Amanda Stevens, Gothic ghostly thriller, Nookbook, excellent

6. NAPOLEON'S PYRAMIDS: An Ethan Gage Adventure #1 - William Dietrich, historic adventure thriller, MPB, good

7. A HOE LOT OF TROUBLE: A Nina Quinn Mystery #1 - Heather Webber, cozy mystery, Nookbook, really good

8. DEAD BOLT: A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery #2 - Juliet Blackwell, paranormal cozy, MPB, superb

9. GOOD OMENS - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, fantasy, BOCD, perfect

10. MURDER ON THE ROCKS: A Gray Whale Inn Mystery #1 - Karen MacInerney, cozy, TPB, superb

11. THAT THING AT THE ZOO - James R Tuck, UF, Nookbook, good stuff

12. THE NEW YEAR'S QUILT: An Elm Creek Novel - Jennifer Chiaverini, fiction, BOCD, excellent

13. TOMB WITH A VIEW: A Pepper Martin Mystery - Casey Daniels, paranormal cozy, MPB, super

14. STARDUST - Neil Gaiman, fantasy, BOCD, superb

15. IT TAKES A WITCH: A Wishcraft Mystery #1 - Heather Blake, paranormal cozy, MPB, excellent

NookBooks: 4

Books: 6

Audio: 5

Total for month: 15

Total for year so far: 15


Aurian said...

You sure had a great reading month Vickie! Hope the year continues this way ;)

Becky LeJeune said...

Woohoo! 15! You're definitely starting the year off right!

Vickie said...

Aurian: Thank you. I hope so, too. Here's to a ton of reading for all.

Becky: Thanks! I am hoping to keep this trend as long as possible.