06 February 2012

Books in the House Monday - 6 Feb 2012

A few more to add to Mt Git'r'Read:

Nook books:

BLOOD AND GUITARS - Heather Jensen, UF

SOMETHING SECRET THIS WAY COMES: A Secret McQueen Story - Sierra Dean, UF

From High Crimes Mystery Bookshop (For All Things Mysterious) (

BURIED IN A BOOK: A Novel Idea Mystery #1 - Lucy Arlington, cozy, MPB

OLD HAUNTS: A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery #3 - E J Copperman, paranormal cozy, MPB

A FITTING END: A Magical Dressmaking Mystery #2 - Melissa Bourbon, paranormal cozy, MPB

Library Thing January win (

A DARKLY HIDDEN TRUTH: The Monastery Murders #2 - Donna Fletcher Crow, historical mystery, TPB

I'd best get readin'....

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