30 January 2011

GHOULS, GHOULS, GHOULS: A Ghost Hunter Mystery - Victoria Laurie

From the back of the book: Ghost Hunters turned treasure hunters.
When MJ and the crew of her cable TV show, Ghoul Getters, venture to the haunted ruins of Dunlow Castle in Ireland, they hope that the road will rise up to meet them, that the wind will always be at their backs, that the sun will shine warm upon their faces...and that the resident phantom won't push them off a cliff.
That is what has befallen others drawn to the castle by the legend of hidden treasure. Dunlow Castle has more spooks than turrets---including the long-dead lord in all his ghostly greediness--but they pale in comparison to the phantom. If MJ and her fellow ghost busters treasure their lives, they need to get the drop on the menacing phantom---before they plunge headfirst into one cliffhanger of an ending....
Victoria Laurie has two series: Abby Cooper Psychic Eye and this one, Ghost Hunter...I started with Abby Cooper, but when I found MJ and the gang in Ghost Hunter, that was the winner of the two series. I enjoy watching MJ and her peeps bust ghost butt in haunted houses and hotels. Now they are in Ireland and looking for treasure in uber haunted Dunlow Castle.
MJ gets help from sort of boyfriend Heath, best friend just-about-a-big-baby Gilley, and the crew from their cable show Ghoul Getters...but she also gets help from the ghostly lord of the manor appearing in her dreams.
The gang is beset by issues and problems from the get-go. The castle is definitely off the mainland and is only accessible at certain times of the tide, the producer of the show goes missing and there's a phantom that no one mentioned.
I liked the book quite a lot, only issue is Gilley and MJ's relationship. Gilley gets all hysterical and selfish and MJ first gets pissed then forgives him. I got a bit tired of the scenes this time around, but it won't keep me from getting the next in the series, GHOUL INTERRUPTED.
Four ghostly beans.....


Aurian said...

Every time I read a review about this author, I plan to start reading the books, but it never gets so far ... I need to make another list for myself ... cause it sure sounds like my thing.

Vickie said...

Aurian: That's why I keep my list, the WWBL (Wanton Wantin' Book List), because I read about authors I want to try, books I have to read.
I think you will like both series. The first Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye is pretty neat in the beginning, the premise is cool. I just like Ghost Hunter series much better.