30 June 2007

Another Challenge.....

Joy inadvertantly talked me into another challenge. Hers is called 2nds Challenge and it begins in October and runs through December. Premise is to read three books by authors who you have only read one book by and you really want to read another.
Now if I can figure out how to do her little link or sticky note, I'll be in bidness. Well, that and choosing three books by people I have read and can wait until the challenge begins to read a second helping.

I Find Myself Making Another Amendment....

I find myself very much liking Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass. I was right in continuing and now I know why the main character is doing as he is with the female students. The story is strong and I will be adding more of this duo's work to Mt Git'r'Read in the near future. Thank goodness for the challenges of new to me authors as well as self challenging with same new to me authors of medical mysteries. Not sure how long it would have taken me to get to Beverly Connor or to Jefferson Bass.

Whatcha Readin'??

I began Jasmine Moon Murder: A Tea Shop Mystery Laura Childs as my next bedside book. I am on chapter 3 as of last night. It's a very good 'cozy' series with the owner, Theodosia Browning (love the books if only for the main character's name) of a tea shop in Charleston SC who finds herself solving murders. This one occurs after a 'Ghost Crawl' through Jasmine Cemetery to the uncle of Theodosia's sweetie, Jory. He asks her to help, because she is good at this thing, even though she has promised the sheriff to butt out. What we won't do for luh-huv.
I am very much diggin' on City of Bones Michael Connelly as my BOT in the car for my commute listening and sanity keeping pleasure. It is my first Michael Connelly even though I have many in Mt Git'r'Read. I think I could fall for Harry Bosch. I will be utilizing this as one of my 'new-to-me' authors for the Summer Mystery Reading Challenge.
My other challenge book is in my purse. Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass is a bit scratchy, but I like it enough to keep reading. The main character is a forensic anthropologist who built up The Body Farm in Tennessee and is a professor at UT. The 'scratchy' part is that now there are two of his students diggin' on him. I hope this bit doesn't drag the story down. The series is written by two authors, one of whom is the founder of the Body Farm, Dr William Bass. It is said to write what you know.

27 June 2007

Amending the Last Post

Carpe Demon: The Secret Life of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom - Julie Kenner.

Carpe Demon - Julie Kenner

I finished Carpe Demon - Julie Kenner last night. I stayed up to finish it as I was just soooo close and it was soooo much fun to read. Julie Kenner is funny and I will be reading more of her work. I have California Demon on my shelf as well as a chick-lit mystery book I found at B&N on sale of her other series of with shoes in the title. I did flip through to see if I would like it as much and it promises to be as good if not better.
I tried Kate Collins Dearly Depotted as my next bedside book, but I am a little bit tired of that gang. I love some of those characters, but there are others who do not inspire much empathy. I have promised this series to a friend who sent me the Wine Mystery series she was reading, so I now have incentive to move Abby and the gang on South. I also have thousands more waiting to be tried on Mt Git'r'Read....another incentive.....

25 June 2007

I Won a Book!!!!

Woo-HOOO!!! I checked email a few hours ago before coming in to work and found an email from Liz on ReviewedbyLiz for the Summer Mystery Reading Challenge and I won a book drawing. I had several to choose from. I looked each selection over in reviews and chose 'Crimson Snow' by Jeanne M Dams. I like winning, cuz, it's like better than losing, ya know??
= )

24 June 2007

ARGGHH!!! Lost a post!!!

Not sure what just happened, but I lost a post. Okay, try this again.

I gave up on Great Catherine Carolly Ericksen in the car. It is about Catherine the Great of Russia and the narrator is Davina Porter, who I adore. I was on tape 4 of 11 and just got to the point of not caring about all of the court intrigue and carrying on. I put it back in the box and tried Imperium Robert Harris. I listened to Pompeii a few years ago and enjoyed it. Imperium did not grab my attention at all. Moved on to City of Bones Michael Connelly. That did the trick.

I am on a late shift and it is quiet, so hoping to get in some quality reading time in my purse book Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass. I am a little over halfway through my bedside book Carpe Demon Julie Kenner. I should finish it in the next couple of days and get it back to the box of book donations here at work. I will bring in some extra donations to compensate.

Mowed through 2 x Audiobooks...blech on both...

I tried listening to more of Great Catherine Carolly Ericksen in the car tonight on the way in to work....I was on tape 4, side 1 and I realized I just didn't want to listen to any more of it. I love the narrator, Davina Porter, but the subject matter was just pissing me off. It is about Catherine the Great of Russia and I just did not care any more about any of the people in her life. Not sure if it was the way the story was being told or what, but I used my 'life is too short' rule and let it go.
I then decided to try Imperium Robert Harris. I'd loved listening to Pompeii a few years ago and thought this one would be as interesting. It didn't grab me right away, so moved on to Michael Connelly City of Bones. That did the trick. Happily on tape 1, side 1 now and will send the other two back to Recordedbooks.
I hope to get in some good reading time this evening in my purse book Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass. It started out pretty well and I am hoping that it keeps up that way.
Just a little over halfway through Carpe Demon Julie Kenner as bedside reading. The great thing about mid shift is the fact that I seem to get in more reading time in all of my books.

20 June 2007

Sittin' in the Parking Lot....

I sat in my car in the parking lot at work this morning, not 10 minutes ago, to finish a wonderful audiobook, Darwin's Radio Greg Bear. It is not one of my usual mystery reads as I really can't call it a mystery, more like suspense/sci-fi. It was a little difficult to get into at first with the medical/biological/other-icals that I had to wrap my brain around. The story kept me interested, though. And it is a wonderful story. Kay is a scientist and Mitch is an anthropologist and they find each other. NOOOOO, it is NOT a romance! A retro-virus has been biding its time. It's been making its appearance every once in a while and it is up to guided and many misguided folks in the sciences to find out and disseminate the word of what exactly is going on. Greg Bear's story and George Guidall's fab voice tugged me along and there were mornings or afternoons from my commute where I did not want to get out of the car, rather stay in and listen. And you should, too!

16 June 2007

Finished Bedside Book...

Yesterday was a banner book finishing day. I finished Mum's The Word Kate Collins. It's the first in her Flower Shop Mystery series and it's a good start. I've read two others in the series. I've not sure I've ever felt compelled to read any series in order.
I chose Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom Julie Kenner. I totally dig it. It is what would have happened if Buffy the Vampire Slayer had got married and had kids.
from B&N review:
Kate Connor used to be a demon hunter: Now she's a stay-at-home mom, a "glorified chauffeur for pep squad practice and Gymboree play dates." But when a demonic assassin shows up at her suburban home minutes before an important dinner party, the retired Hunter is forced back into action to save her town -- and her freshly baked mini-quiches -- from the invading fiend and his army of the undead.
Kate's husband and her two kids don't know anything about her demon-killing past -- and she wants to keep it that way. So while doing what supermoms do -- raising an inquisitive two-year old, dealing with a teenage girl's myriad of social issues, supporting an overworked husband running for county attorney, etc. -- Kate also finds time to unravel the mystery behind the sudden ghoulish invasion. It seems a master demon named Goramesh has come to town in search of an invaluable religious artifact secreted in a much-storied cathedral. But in order to obtain the relic, Goramesh must first find a suitable human subordinate…
The character of Kate Connor is an appealing mélange of Laurell K. Hamilton's sexy, butt-kicking vampire executioner Anita Blake, Sex and the City's super-cool column writer Carrie Bradshaw, and the women of ABC's Desperate Housewives, whose lives revolve around domestic intrigues like potty training, teenage curfews, PTA meetings, bake sales, neighborhood gossip -- and scandalous secrets. Fast-paced and strikingly clever, this lighthearted romp through suburbia will appeal to romance, mystery, and fantasy fans alike.

15 June 2007

Okay, Let's Try This Again....Karin Slaughter...HOLEY SHMOKES!!

Yowzah!!! I just finished my very first Karin Slaughter book, Blindsighted. I can't wait to get the rest of the series. So many superb characters and back stories and what's to come stories.

Karin Slaughter...HOLEY SCHM!!

14 June 2007

Just About Done.....

I am on tape 10 of 12, side 1 Darwin's Radio Greg Bear in the car. I will be glad to have it end. I like it, but I am not sure I will read many more Greg Bear books. I will try them to see, I reckon. He writes well, but gets into the weeds with the med speak. I know it's necessary to the story, but I don't dig it.
I am looking forward to something mellower for my audiobook time. Lord knows, I have a stack of them in the car to choose from.

I am halfway through both purse book Blindsighted Karin Slaughter and bedside book Mum's the Word Kate Collins. Diggin' on both of them for different reasons. Kate Collins writes a good cozy and Karin Slaughter writes a fab thriller. I am looking forward to everything they write.

11 June 2007


Reading right along for the month of June. I finished A Vision of Murder: An Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye Mystery Victoria Laurie this morning when I had a trouble going back to sleep after being awakened from the house being too warm. Went downstairs to take a look-see and found the thermostat set at 76 degrees. We don't even set it like that in the winter! I cranked it down a bit and then back to bed and read until I was schleepy again.
Anyway, A Vision of Murder is a good addition to this fun cozy series. Abby Cooper is a professional psychic and finds herself solving mysteries. I believe this is the third in the series I've read and will be glad to read more of the series as well as anything else Ms Laurie releases.
I started Mum's the Word: A Flower Shop Mystery Kate Collins this morning. This is another pretty good cozy series. I've read a couple of others and a friend sent me three more from the series. I've promised some in a trade with another friend, so I figured to get a start on them now. Nice quick reads and very nice to read at night for restful mind soothing storyline.
I am on tape 6 of 12, side 2 Darwin's Radio Greg Bear in the car and chapter 8 in purse book Blindsighted Karin Slaughter. All very good and I look forward to being in the car to listen and making the commute not so bad and having time to read in my purse book.

08 June 2007

I Totally Love Beverly Connor!! Well, At Least Her Books....

I finished One Grave Too Many Beverly Connor yesterday. It was SO FREAKIN' GOOD! I am going out and finding everything she has written and add them to my collection. I have Rumor of Bones and Dead Secret. Now to find the other seven books.

I began another in my stack for my challenges. Karin Slaughter Blindsighted. It fits both challenges again as it is a medical thriller mystery and a new-to-me author. I have heard wonderful things about this author, so I am looking forward to getting more into this one. But it will be hard to top One Grave Too Many.....

05 June 2007

Time to Choose Another...

I finished Stolen Kelley Armstrong about an hour ago. I have read two others by the author, Dimestore Magic and Bitten. All are, so far, intertwined with the characters, but separate stories that can be stand alone. All wonderful tales and I will be getting everything Kelley Armstrong writes.

What a great way to spend at least part of my first day of break. I woke up from after mid shift nap, read for a bit and dozed off again. I woke at 2pm and read for a wonderful hour to finish my book and now just chilling, thinking about what to read next and posting here, posting on my WW Booktalk and Booklovers boards, and watching Charmed episodes. I really should be out for a walk or a bike ride, but there is always tomorrow.....I can only hope that the cottonwood floof is dissipated. It's driving my eyes nutso.

Challenge Books

Books currently being read or listened to for the two challenges this summer. Both of these are new-to-me authors and they revolve around the medical field and are mystery/thrillers:

Darwin's Radio - Greg Bear (BOT)
A mass grave in Russia that conceals the mummified remains of two women, both with child -- and the conspiracy to keep it secret…a major discovery high in the Alps: the preserved bodies of a prehistoric family -- the newborn infant possessing disturbing characteristics…a mysterious disease that strikes pregnant women, resulting in miscarriage. Three disparate facts that will converge into one science-shattering truth.
Molecular biologist Kaye Lang, a specialist in retroviruses, believe that ancient diseases encoded in the DNA of humans can again come to life. But her theory soon becomes chilling reality. For Christopher Dicken -- a "virus hunter" at the Epidemic Intelligence Service -- has pursued an elusive flu-like disease that strikes down expectant mothers and their offspring. The shocking link: something that has slept in our genes for millions of years is waking up.

One Grave Too Many - Beverly Connor
With spot-on details, a smart new voice, and ingenious plot twists, Beverly Connor has been compared to the hottest crime writers on the scene. Now, she ratchets up the suspense with a brand new series featuring one of today's most cunning and complex sleuths: forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon. Her new job as director of the RiverTrail Museum of Natural History in Georgia takes Diane out of the game-until a former love and a murdered family bring her back in.

02 June 2007

Quilter's Legacy

Just a lovely book and series. Jennifer Chiaverini tells a wonderful story with memorable characters. I want to live at Elm Creek Manor and learn to quilt!!

I finished it on the way in to work this evening. I was sad to have it end. I am so glad it is a series and I can keep up with these ladies and their lives.

I immediately began Darwin's Radio Greg Bear with the velvet-gravel voice of George Guidall narrating. As this is a mystery by a new-to-me author, I believe I am going to count this towards my Summer Mystery Challenge. I now have two books going toward the challenges I joined. My purse book One Grave Too Many Beverly Connor can go towards both challenges as the author is new to me and this is a medical thriller mystery. I am enjoying both immensely.

I still have a little bit more to read in Stolen Kelley Armstrong as my bedside book. I can hope to finish it this rotation as I will be on mids and that makes for longer time in bed for reading when I am trying to wind down or wind back up. I will also be able to read quite a bit in my purse book mentioned above.

01 June 2007

Books In May I Read/Listened To

Vineyard Prey - Philip R Craig, BOT, Very good series
The Laughing Corpse - Laurell K Hamilton, pbk, Just love that kickass Anita Blake
Bump in the Night - JD Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Kay McComas, pbk, romance disguised as 'paranormal'. McComas was the best of the bunch.
Sweet and Deadly - Charlaine Harris, pbk, her debut novel and stand alone book. WONDERFUL!
Murder of a Pink Elephant - Denise Swanson, pbk, a very good part of this series
Kill the Messenger - Tami Hoag, BOT, very well written, good characters, good mystery
On What Grounds - Cleo Coyle, pbk, great cozy series, this is first in series
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident - Eoin Colfer, BOCD, good story
Ghost and the Dead Deb - Alice Kimberley, pbk, such a good series and I love Jack (the ghost)
Through the Grinder - Cleo Coyle, pbk, good-good-good!