31 March 2007

Well, Since It's End of the Month....

Books I Read in March (and some comments, cuz I gotta)

Hermit of Eyton Forest Ellis Peters, BOT. Lost my concentration, but finished and I love Ellis Peters!
Who Let That Killer in the House? Patricia Sprinkle, pbk. Getting more of this author and series!!!
I, Richard Elizabeth George, HB. Good short stories and I just love this amazing author
Sleeping With the Fishes MaryJanice Davidson, pbk, Yummy-Funny-GOOD
Sunshine and Shadow Earlene Fowler, BOT, good story-good series
How To Marry a Murderer Amanda Matetsky, pbk, good-but distracting use of parentheses to a teense extreme
A Charmed Death Madelyn Alt, pbk, This was good-looks to be a good series
Death of a Charming Man M C Beaton, BOT, such a good series
Better Read Than Dead Victoria Laurie, pbk, I just love this series
Shakespeare's Champion Charlaine Harris, pbk, I just love this author and this is such a goooood series!
High Heels are Murder Elaine Viets, pbk, funny well written 'other' series. This is my first of the mystery-shopper series and won't be my last (I finished today in time to make the March list)

BOTs I gave up on:
The Thirteenth Tale Diane Setterfield, just depressed the crap out of me
The Holy Thief Ellis Peters, too many medievals in a row I guess....
Dark Demon Christine Feehan, just yucky

29 March 2007

Tough to Give Up, but.....

I had to give up on The Thirteenth Tale Diane Setterfield. I was listening to it in the car and got to tape 7 of 13, side 1 and I just could not go on with it. Intriguing as it was, it depressed me no end. And I can't explain why.
My philosophy is that life is too short to continue with bad books or books that aren't keeping me sparked for whatever reason. This one was losing the spark.
I am moving on to We're Just Like You Only Prettier: Confessions of a Tarnished Southern Belle Celia Rivenbark. I think it will be like a sorbet between courses, cleanse my palate.
My other book choices are banner. I am moving right along in bedside book Aunt Dimity and the Duke Nancy Atherton and hope to get more reading soon in purse book High Heels are Murder Elaine Viets.
Because I couldn't help myself, while I was B&N picking up gift cards for two teachers who are favorites of Lady K and are leaving the school she attends, I meandered the stacks and found Jim Butcher Dead Beat a Dresden File book. I enjoy the series, but haven't read any of the books yet. Figured Mt Git'r'Read could stand an addition.....
Okay, back to cleaning the floors like I am supposed to be....then the afternoon is mine.

26 March 2007

Banner Reading Days for Me

Very good reading days for me the last two or so...I finished Better Read than Dead Victoria Laurie last night and I finished Shakespeare's Champion Charlaine Harris today when I woke from my nap. Both outstanding books in my own opinion. Well written and enjoyable each in their own right. I haven't really started anything yet to replace them as purse book or bedside book. I do have Aunt Dimity and the Duke Nancy Atherton for bedside possibility and I sort of started High Heels are Murder Elaine Viets. It's a Mystery Shopper mystery. I've not read anything from this series yet, but I enjoy the Dead End Job series. Gotta say that cozies are the way to go for me while on mid shifts.
I have a visit planned to my favorite mystery bookstore in Boulder, 'High Crimes', this break. I have two signed books I must pick up and then browse for some Larry J Hillhouse and something from Mo Hayder. I am about ready to read something in the non-cozy and those would fit the yen.

23 March 2007

Finished Another....

Finished another audiobook yesterday. A quick M C Beaton Death of a Charming Man. Just love this series. I tried starting The Knocker on Death's Door Ellis Peters, but couldn't get drawn in and mailed it back to RecordedBooks with Death of a Charming Man. Started The Thirteenth Tale Diane Setterfield. It took me a bit to get into it, but I think I will like it.

I am almost done with bedside book Shakespeare's Champion Charlaine Harris and I read quite a bit today in my purse book Better Read Than Dead Victoria Laurie. I hope this author is a prolific writer as I just love her work. Funny and tense and good dialogue. My favorite for dialogue is still MaryJanice Davidson as she writes how I think and sometimes use in my outside voice.

17 March 2007

Busy Book Filled Week

I guess busy wouldn't be the best word, but I did finish quite a few more than I thought I would. Finished Sunshine and Shadow Earlene Fowler BOT in the car and tried starting The Holy Thief Ellis Peters. That one didn't catch my interest, so sent it back to RecordedBooks and started (and liking) Death of a Charming Man MC Beaton. I finished A Charmed Death Madelyn Alt as bedside book when I woke from my nap to prep for this mid shift. First I've read of the series and I will be getting more. I will now go back to Charlaine Harris' Shakespeare series I was reading while DD was taking her bath....Not sure yet what book I will choose for next purse book. I finished How To Marry a Murderer Amanda Matetsky. Good first of this series I've read as well and will be looking for more of this Paige Turner series. Not a play on words, it's the name of the character. Set in the 50s and makes me glad I wasn't born back then. Chicks can biotch how bad it is now to be a chick, back then it was the pits.
I will now go choose my next purse book. Have two in the lab. If it stays quiet again tonight, I can put a goodly dent in whatever one I choose.

13 March 2007

Wednesday Morning-ish...

Found a follow on purse book after the deeee-lightful Sleeping With the Fishes MaryJanice Davidson. I tried reading Winter Rose Patricia A McKillip, but it didn't grab my interest. A good chickie buddy sent a box of books my way a week or so ago (which contained the above mentioned SWTF) and I found another fun one, How To Marry a Murderer Amanda Patetsky. Takes place in the early 50s. Fun fun fun already.
On tape 6 of 7, side 1 Sunshine and Shadow Earlene Fowler in the car. No significant reading lately in bedside books. It's late and the titles escape me. The books are at home and I am at work.

11 March 2007

Finished a Book....

Finished Sleeping With the Fishes MaryJanice Davidson about an hour ago. Funny and quick. Just right for what I needed today. Thank you MaryJanice for all of your series. I will always be partial to Betsy and Sinclair, but this new one is a pip!

Happy Early Daylight Savings Time....sigh...and they do this WHY?!

Please to note the sarcasm...I, and many others, wonder why this country still does this godawful thing to people each and every year. And this year, hey let's do it earlier and cause havoc with computers, schedules, etc, not just mess with sleep patterns. I am a shift worker with an almost 4 year old daughter....nuf least for me.....

I did get my quality time with Sunshine and Shadow Earlene Fowler this morning on the way in to work. I stayed up last night with my bedside book A Charmed Death Madelyn Alt. I am halfway through that one and hope to get a lot of reading accomplished in purse book Sleeping With the Fishes MaryJanice Davidson. All great choices I made this time around. Sometimes one of the three will be good enough to finish, but not great to pay attention to. Some I just stop reading completely. Of that group, I will bookmark and put back on Mt Git'r'Read OR I will give up on it and put it in the giveaway pile. Thankfully, all three of these are worth paying attention to as well as keep on keepin' on. I think this is my favorite Earlene Fowler so far. And I absolutely adore MaryJanice Davidson. She could write the phone book funny. (bad grammar...yeah, yeah, yeah)

08 March 2007

January and February Books Read/Listened To

January 2007 Books from my Journal:

Morrigan's Cross - Nora Roberts, pbk, bk 1 of trilogy. Good start.
The Ghost and Mrs McClure - Alice Kimberly, pbk, very fun cozy series..will be looking for more
The Search - Iris Johansen, BOT, good spinoff from Eve Duncan series
Broken Dishes - Earlene Fowler, BOT, love this wonderful quilting mystery series
O Artful Death - Sarah Stewart Taylor, pbk, really good book 1 of a very good series, very intriguing premise
Candy Apple Dead - Sammi Carter, pbk, mostly finished and did not dig at all. Main character pissed me off
Skeleton Man - Tony Hillerman, BOT, okay, not great. Loved the past work of Hillerman. Now going through the motions...
In Over Your Head: A Cody Bryan Mystery - Larry Hillhouse, TPB, GOOD GOOD GOOD!! Looking for more (the author posted a response on this blog and emailed in response to my whoo-hoo email to him)
The Ice Queen - Alice Hoffman, BOCD, what a fetchingly sad book
Sex, Lies and Vampires - Katie MacAlister, pbk, just love this author and this book met my expectations

February Books from my Journal:

The Only Good Yankee - Jeff Abbott, pbk, good book and will get more of this author.. have Panic on Mt Git'r'Read....
Mephisto Club - Tess Gerritsen, BOCD, scary good
Death of a Snob - MC Beaton, BOT, just love this series
Biggie and the Quincy Ghost - Nancy Bell, BOT, pretty decent funny cozy series
Death of a Darklord - Laurell K Hamilton, TPB, like Anita Blake/Meredith Gentry series better
Break No Bones - Kathy Reichs, BOCD, SUPER!!
Size 12 is Not Fat! - Meg Cabot, TPB, OMG funny book!! More of this author!
Last Scene Alive - Charlaine Harris, pbk, very good Aurora Teagarden mystery series