14 December 2006

Sleepy Reading...Does it Count??

It is December now, though you wouldn't know it when you go outside here in Colorado. It's going to be 60 degrees again today. We had a sad end to our November. My stepmom lost her battle with mesothelioma on 30 November. My dad will miss her with every fiber in his being, but knows that she is now out of pain and is with God and helping him organize Heaven's computer systems.

26 November 2006

OOOOOO....Almost Daily Posting....

Wowsa! Almost a daily blog.....I am already unenamoured of Queen's Play Dorothy Dunnett, so that is going back to recordedbooks later today or sometime tomorrow after my shift. It's a huge return mail container, so will likely actually have to take it inside to a mail carrier. Oh well, I have books to mail out to friends and family, two birds with one stone and all that...

So very close to being done with Bethlehem Road Murder Batya Gur and I am so very ready to start something easier on the brain to decipher. I am meandering through the last two chapters and hope to finish it this week.

Have been moseying through Laura Child Death by Darjeeling and hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow night. Ready to move on to a new purse book as well. December is soon here and I am thinking I may be reading only holiday themed books for the month. We'll see how long that lasts. I know it won't be in the audio book department.

24 November 2006

Happy Day After Turkey Day

I hope all had a good Thanksgiving, or a close facsimile thereof. I spent mine at work, which means holiday pay as well as regular shift work pay. More $$ for Christmas presents and books. Good thing to have the extra $$ as the husband is digging on some expensive gifts. His will be few and costly where I prefer many and inexpensive. Don't like the word cheap....Quality does not have to cost so much, at least for me to enjoy. I am looooow maintenance.

I finished Definitely Dead Charlaine Harris BOCD on the way in to work this afternoon. I started BOT Queen's Play Dorothy Dunnett and I hope I can keep up with it. It is very large in characters and language. 1600s and a lot of time spent at sea so far. If there is something from RecordedBooks when I get home, this one might be going back tomorrow......Life is too short for convolution. I do love the narrator's voice and accent. Maybe leaning more to the accent as it is Scots. Yummy.

Hoping for time to read this shift.

Jan: You asked what I bought for my birthday books, I didn't. Buy anything that is. I do have an order in to B&N and the next Jacquline Winspear book with Maisie Dobbs series is in that order.

16 November 2006

Possible Renaming of Blog to WEEEKLLEEEE Reads

What in the world? I never get to post when I want to. I am reading new books now, except I am still making my way through Bethlehem Road Murder Batya Gur. It is taking me a while to read it and get used to the different politics of this mystery. It is getting better the more I read it, thank goodness. I am halfway through it and hope to finish it by the end of the month. I am now listening to Definitely Dead Charlaine Harris, one of my most favorite authors. I may have to do a blog one day on those ladies and gents, favorite authors I mean. I am reading a new purse book The Bohemian Murders Dianne Day, another mystery coming of age set in the early 1900's. Very good and it is part of a series, so will likely be looking for more of Dianne Day. I have some fall back books on standby in case I actually get the time to finish this current purse book. Can't recall the titles offhand, they are in the car and I am in here nice and toasty warm. It's my birthday today and I feel the need to go shopping for books to gift myself.

07 November 2006

3AM and I am Reading

Darkly Dreaming Dexter Jeff Lindsey is a well written book and the reader, or at least this one, feels for the serial killer. This is a difficult task for writer and for the reader without feeling guilty for feeling this many times can I write feeling, feel, etc....
Dexter admits to being a sociopath and is content, as much as he can have this, with putting on a human mask and working with feeling humans. His need to kill has been channeled in a productive way and I think this is how we are allowed to be okay with his habits.
To offset this book, I am not reading anything of the cozy ilk. I am reading three fairly disturbing books at the same time. I usually try to balance them against the other, something light, something disturbing and one sort of tie-breaker. Right now I have Batya Gur Bethlehem Road Murder as bedside book, Darkly Dreaming Dexter Jeff Lindsey as my purse book and Aftermath Peter Robinson as my audiobook in the car. All disturbing in their own way, DDD is actually the lightest of the three with comic relief bits.

03 November 2006

Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear is WONDERFUL!!

Maisie Dobbs is a great book. Granted, this is only my own opinion, but I am keeping this book and getting the rest of the series. I seldom if ever keep books. I read and move on, give them to the used bookstore for trade for more books or to Goodwill for tax receipts. Won't do that with this one. Plan to get the series for my sister if she doesn't already have it. ,......note to self....must email or call sister......
Now moving on to Elaine Viets Just Murdered, A Dead End Job Mystery. A nice little cozy and will be a quick read. Must remember to pack another book in purse just in case......

October Books

Books for October:
~Death of a Prankster - MC Beaton, BOT,typical good cozy...Davina Porter is the narrator and love her!!!
~The Wave-Walter Mosley, BOCD,really good
~Locked Doors-Blake Crouch, pbk, scary good
~Map of Bones-James Rollins, pbk, only half credit for this one...not so enjoyable (phhhhhhtttt)
~Anansi Boys-Neil Gaiman, BOCD, GREAT!
~Birdman-Mo Hayder, pbk, OMG GREAT!
~Grave Sight-Charlaine Harris, pbk, very good new series for one of my favorite authors
~Hangman's Root-Susan Wittig Albert, pbk, good cozy series
~Winter's Child-Margaret Maron, HB, one of my favorite authors and series and this didn't disappoint
~Bead on Trouble-Barbara Burnett Smith-BOCD, decent...but won't get more..a little disjointed in the telling

27 October 2006

Mid Shift and the Readin' is FINE!!

I finally get some time to read on shift. I bring books in with the thought that it will be quiet and I can read. Tonight is the first time in a looong while that it's been possible. So what do I do? I come in here and post that I have time to read instead of using the valuable time actually flippin' readin'!! I have the awesome Maisie Dobbs Jacqueline Winspear in the works now. It is very good and I will post a review, I hope, when I finish it. I am listening to the last CD, thank God, of Bead on Trouble Barbara Burnett Smith. Decent cozy, but I am ready to kick these women in the head for their stupidity. The timeline is aimless and a bit longer than one's average 24 hour day. I don't care about anyone, except getting it finished so I can add it to my book journal. I've already quit on one book this month Map of Bones James Rollins as it was just too much action in too little time. I just wanted everyone to take a nap. No one functions on that little sleep and miss that many bullets, bombs, strangling, anyway, I didn't want to give up on two book in one month just on principals. I did finish Winter's Child Margaret Maron Thursday afternoon upon waking from my prep for mid shift nap. I really enjoy this series and this book didn't disappoint. I also finished Hangman's Root Susan Wittig Albert the other day. Another very good series, even if I've only read three of them. I have more in the closet version of Mt Git'r'Read. Next up for the bedside book is Abby Cooper - Pyschic Eye Victoria Laurie. I've heard really good things about this series and I am looking forward to a quick read of this. More books in my journal is better.

15 October 2006

A loong looooong time ago.......

Lordy, where did the time go? Went on shift work, found more time to read, but no time to post here. Got a talkin' to from my bloggin buddies and now will try to be more bloggy myself. I'll log in from home with my book journal for all that I've read the last month or so. For now, I am listening to Anansi Boys by the absolutely wonderful Neil Gaiman. That one is in the car for my monumentally calm commutes for work (6 on 4 off, thank you very much) and I have bedside book as Winter's Child Margaret Maron, her latest in the Deborah Knott series. Purse book is a recommendation from my bud Suzi, Birdman by a very talented Mo Hayder. She needs to write more more more! An outstanding debut novel.

I will definitely make more time to log in here. It feels good to write in any way shape or form.
later gaters!

28 August 2006

So Much for DAILY....

Sooooo much for daily reads. I do, at least, read daily. I just don't post daily. I guess the title is appropriate enough.
I am on the last folder of CDs with Labyrinth Kate Mosse. Listening to that in the car as I to and fro. I have two bedside books The Stolen Child Keith Donahue and Seduction in Death J D Robb. JD Robb is just the mind candy I was looking for. It makes for a fast read while observing the lives of Eve and Roarke and their circle of friends, coworkers, criminal minds.... Slay it With Flowers Kate Collins is the purse book and slowly getting through it. I have a hard time getting the time to read it. When I go on shift work, I'll have more foo-foo coffee shop time, therefore more reading time.
I went to High Crimes Bookstore on Friday and found a treasure trove from my wishlist. Calibre and McDead Ken Bruen, Hammerhead Ranch Hotel Tim Dorsey, Locked Doors Blake Crouch, Mansions of the Dead Sarah Stewart Taylor, The Saturday Morning Murder Batya Gur, Panic Jeff Abbott, Blood of Angels Reed Arvin. I went to the used bookstore on Saturday at the insistence of my 3.5 year old daughter to visit the Pooh Corner Store. What an arm twister....found The Last Goodbye Reed Arvin, Triggerfish Twist Tim Dorsey, and Don of the Dead Casey Daniels. Now I can barely wait to start any and all of them.

21 August 2006

Finally Have House Back to Myself and Get to Read a Book Again!!!

Schnikees!!! I love my family and so glad my sister, mom and two nephews were able to come out for a visit, but am SO GLAD to have my house back. With the added benefit of being able to find the time to read, get on the computer and just sit without having to take crap for it. I am listening to Labyrinth Kate Mosse, BOCD in the car. I'm on CD6. I vacillated with my next purse book and bedside book. I finally decided, and stayed with, purse book Slay It With Flowers Kate Collins and Not a Girl Detective Susan Kandell. Very fluffy, cozy to maintain my fragile equilibrium while my family was visiting, and funny enough to hold my interest.
I found The Ruins Scott Smith BOCD on a visit through B&N with my sister. She saw my interest in a misplaced book in the children's section and bought The Stolen Child Keith Donahue to add to Mt Git'r'Read. It is already on my bedside hillock. I believe it will be next at bat.
I have my recumbent stationery bike put together thanks to my ever lovin' husband. Much gnashing of teeth and cursing of the gods, but it is set up and ready for my use. I love to combine my ride with reading. I am a happy camper (biker??).

09 August 2006

Actually Finishing Books!

Amazingly, I have been able to complete two books. One was audiobook, 'Death Dance' Linda Fairstein and I am done with this author. I've read or listened to a few and they are all the same. With some authors, this does not bother me. With Fairstein, it does irk. So no mo'....
I also am finished with 'Mysteria' a compilation of four authors set in the same magical town of Mysteria Colorado. I could only finish two of the four stories. Two were pap and just not worth my brain matter to finish. I absolutely finished MaryJanice Davidson's story. She is my latest favorite author.
I began BOCD 'Labyrinth' Kate Mosse, not she of the cocaine cranium 'super' model fame, rather the co-founder of the Orange Prize for Fiction in England. Good so far. I also began 'Tall Dark and Hungry' Lynsay Sands as I've promised it to a friend. I'd really rather begin 'Death of a Darklord' Laurell K will wait...

03 August 2006

Oh To Have Time to Friggin' READ!!!

Wouldn't it just be swell if I were able to have a teeny tiny bit of time to read in peace. Thank God for my 50 mile roundtrip daily commute. Otherwise I'd never get any reading done. sigh.....

01 August 2006

It's Tuesday and I'm Supposed to Be Working

Work, shmork....Joy just gave me advice how to update my blog and I am doing so. Still have a way to go before it's better, but that's cool.

I finished 'The Ellusive Mrs Pollifax' Dorothy Gilman, BOT, in the car and started 'Death Dance' Linda Fairstein, BOT, last night. Good so far. I was almost ready to give up on Fairstein and her series with the sex crimes lawyer, Alexandra Cooper, but this one is catching my interest.
I also completed 'Bubbles Ablaze' Sarah Strohmeyer as bedside book and re-started 'Mysteria' a compilation of stories by some of my favorite and soon to be favorite authors of otherworld genre. This one's premise is a demon has 'gone good' and helped settlers make it to safety and shelter and they formed Mysteria in Colorado. Demon likes being good so much, he continues to good works until BossMan, the Devil, brings him home for punishment. That punishment is to be a hottie mortal back in Mysteria....

Back to work...shmork....must earn the ducats to purchase more books, must one....

27 July 2006

OMiGod, I haven't Blogged Since SATURDAY

Holy crappaduck! I cannot believe I haven't done any kind of updating here since Saturday. What a loser! I have finished 'Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way' and started a new BOT, 'The Ellusive Mrs Pollifax' Dorothy Gilman. I may be tiring of this series, so deleted the rest of the titles from my wishlist. I have had to resort to bathroom reading my purse book, 'The Royal Treatment' as I never friggin' have time to read anywhere else. I am hoping that maybe the line at the DMV will be long and I can read there. And on chapter 11-ish in bedside book, 'Bubbles Ablaze'. Hope to read more tonight and maybe wake up early and read in the morning. I should go other goal for July....time to go find the DMV and get car registered. Do I know how to party or what???? I need to make more time for this blog, so I can be like my buds SuziQ and Joy. Their blog pages are cool. I need to see how to make links like they have.

22 July 2006

What To Read on a Saturday, When One Has Time

What should one read when one is up early and happy that the 3 year old is happily watching her Noggin channel shows and Mommie is able to have some free time for a change. One should read her Booktalk and Booklover message boards on WW first and then see if there is time to catch up on emails. Talking to book folks first and then actual reading as time allows. I am on CD3 of 5 'Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way' in the car and started 'Bubbles Ablaze' Sarah Strohmeyer as bedside reading. Hope to get some time to read the purse book 'The Royal Treatement' MaryJanice Davidson today or this weekend. If wishes were horses, I'd have a stable full.....

21 July 2006

Friday Friday Friday

It's Friday!!! How cliche, but TGIF!!!! I finished 'The Frog Princess' E D Baker, yesterday in the car and started 'Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way' Bruce Campbell. Already on disc 2 of 5. I know I look like a loon to other drivers if they see me at all. I am laughing through most of this story. I finished 'Eva Moves the Furniture' last night. I think I will start 'Bubbles Unbound'. Unless I am thinking of another 'Bubbles' as I have already listened to 'Bubbles Unbound'. I am hoping it's another one in the series that is actually on my nightstand....sigh, the blonde brain is a terrible thing.....

20 July 2006

July is a good Reading Month, so Far

July has been a pretty good reading month so far. I finished another audio book this morning, 'The Frog Princess' E. D. Baker. I will be getting the next in the series from RecordedBooks soon hopefully. I am halfway through the purse book 'The Royal Treatment' MaryJanice Davidson, thanks to my 'me afternoon' yesterday. I sat in DazBog and read for a glorious hour or so and drank my SF/NF Turtle Chiller. This is a superb drink that has virtually no calories and it is chocolate and caramel. Yum-a-roonee!
August will likely be another good month for mowing through my TBR mountains, precipices, hillocks. I start shift work again and there won't be a lot of schtuff to do some times. So....I will read! I can't wait.
More later....

19 July 2006

Okay, here first blog for books. I am currently reading or listening to three books. This is fairly common for me. I have an audio book in the car for my 50 mile RT daily commute. Currently have 'The Frog Princess' by E. D. Baker. Wonderful fairy tale/chick lit book. I have a book at my bedside at all times and that one is 'Eva Moves the Furniture' by Margot Livesey. Another wonderful book and I wish I could stay awake longer to read it or get up earlier. I have a 'purse book' at all times as well. I could not finish 'Bite' a compilation of vampire stories that did not really hold my interest. So, this morning, I traded it for 'The Royal Treatment' by MaryJanice Davidson. She's written a vampire series that I truly enjoy and thought I'd give one of her chick lit books a shot. More on that one when I get into it. Time to go to an appt and I hope to work on this every day. I love books and hope to get over my shyness to write a children's book one day.