27 July 2006

OMiGod, I haven't Blogged Since SATURDAY

Holy crappaduck! I cannot believe I haven't done any kind of updating here since Saturday. What a loser! I have finished 'Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way' and started a new BOT, 'The Ellusive Mrs Pollifax' Dorothy Gilman. I may be tiring of this series, so deleted the rest of the titles from my wishlist. I have had to resort to bathroom reading my purse book, 'The Royal Treatment' as I never friggin' have time to read anywhere else. I am hoping that maybe the line at the DMV will be long and I can read there. And on chapter 11-ish in bedside book, 'Bubbles Ablaze'. Hope to read more tonight and maybe wake up early and read in the morning. I should go other goal for July....time to go find the DMV and get car registered. Do I know how to party or what???? I need to make more time for this blog, so I can be like my buds SuziQ and Joy. Their blog pages are cool. I need to see how to make links like they have.

22 July 2006

What To Read on a Saturday, When One Has Time

What should one read when one is up early and happy that the 3 year old is happily watching her Noggin channel shows and Mommie is able to have some free time for a change. One should read her Booktalk and Booklover message boards on WW first and then see if there is time to catch up on emails. Talking to book folks first and then actual reading as time allows. I am on CD3 of 5 'Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way' in the car and started 'Bubbles Ablaze' Sarah Strohmeyer as bedside reading. Hope to get some time to read the purse book 'The Royal Treatement' MaryJanice Davidson today or this weekend. If wishes were horses, I'd have a stable full.....

21 July 2006

Friday Friday Friday

It's Friday!!! How cliche, but TGIF!!!! I finished 'The Frog Princess' E D Baker, yesterday in the car and started 'Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way' Bruce Campbell. Already on disc 2 of 5. I know I look like a loon to other drivers if they see me at all. I am laughing through most of this story. I finished 'Eva Moves the Furniture' last night. I think I will start 'Bubbles Unbound'. Unless I am thinking of another 'Bubbles' as I have already listened to 'Bubbles Unbound'. I am hoping it's another one in the series that is actually on my nightstand....sigh, the blonde brain is a terrible thing.....

20 July 2006

July is a good Reading Month, so Far

July has been a pretty good reading month so far. I finished another audio book this morning, 'The Frog Princess' E. D. Baker. I will be getting the next in the series from RecordedBooks soon hopefully. I am halfway through the purse book 'The Royal Treatment' MaryJanice Davidson, thanks to my 'me afternoon' yesterday. I sat in DazBog and read for a glorious hour or so and drank my SF/NF Turtle Chiller. This is a superb drink that has virtually no calories and it is chocolate and caramel. Yum-a-roonee!
August will likely be another good month for mowing through my TBR mountains, precipices, hillocks. I start shift work again and there won't be a lot of schtuff to do some times. So....I will read! I can't wait.
More later....

19 July 2006

Okay, here first blog for books. I am currently reading or listening to three books. This is fairly common for me. I have an audio book in the car for my 50 mile RT daily commute. Currently have 'The Frog Princess' by E. D. Baker. Wonderful fairy tale/chick lit book. I have a book at my bedside at all times and that one is 'Eva Moves the Furniture' by Margot Livesey. Another wonderful book and I wish I could stay awake longer to read it or get up earlier. I have a 'purse book' at all times as well. I could not finish 'Bite' a compilation of vampire stories that did not really hold my interest. So, this morning, I traded it for 'The Royal Treatment' by MaryJanice Davidson. She's written a vampire series that I truly enjoy and thought I'd give one of her chick lit books a shot. More on that one when I get into it. Time to go to an appt and I hope to work on this every day. I love books and hope to get over my shyness to write a children's book one day.