28 January 2012

80s Dance Par-tay!

Lady K's school had a 80s dance party last night. Thanks to Tracy at Salon Tao, Lady K had the perfect outfit. Tracy does the best pedicures and manicures at Salon Tao and is a stylin' chickie. Her daughter is, too, and Tracy said she'd bring in her daughter's costume bits and pieces from being an 80s rocker chickie at Halloween. She brought in a bag filled with the cool neon fishnet stockings, bracelets, hoop earrings, and jammin' headband and skirt. And some FAB sparkly makeup! All we had to find was a top and leggings and shoes. I think we did a pretty nifty job.

Close up of the sparkly makeup Tracy at Salon Tao let me borrow

We had a lot of fun putting this look together

Ready to rock it....

The glow after winning the costume contest in the third grader category!!!

We had a good time. Plenty of kids and parents showed up and the place was hopping. I cannot remember the last time I did the Electric Slide, but the entire crowd was into that one and we had fun.


Mary (Bookfan) said...

How fun! Love the fishnets :)

Vickie said...

Mary: *grin* She hates giving them back.

Aurian said...

Great pictures, so glad you all had so much fun. I never did look like that in the 80's though ;)

Sherri said...

What a great outfit Lady K has on for her dance!!! Woohoo on winning the costume contest!! She is a cutie!!

Cozy in Texas said...