24 March 2011

THE KING OF PLAGUES: A Joe Ledger Novel - Jonathan Maberry

From the back of the book: From New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry comes the next Joe Ledger novel---Joe and the DMS are up against a group set to unleash a weaponized version of the Ten Plagues of Egypt on the world....

Saturday 09:11 Hours: A blast rocks a London hospital and thousands are left dead or injured.....10:09 Hours: Joe Ledger arrives on scene to investigate. The horror is unlike anything he has ever seen. Compelled by grief and rage, Joe rejoins the DMS and within hours is attacked by a hit-team of assassins and sent on a suicide into a viral hot zone during an Ebola outbreak.

Soon, Joe Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences begin tearing down the veils of deception to uncover a vast and powerful secret society using weaponized versions of the Ten Plagues of Egypt to destabilize world economies and profit from the resulting chaos. Millions will die unless Joe Ledger meets this powerful new enemy on their own terms as he fights terror with terror.
Jonathan Maberry had me at GHOST ROAD BLUES (my review), the Pine Deep Trilogy, and I am now a fan of the Joe Ledger series. I was exhausted after each reading time, so this made for a good bedtime read for that, though it did make for some whack-a-doodle dreams.

The reader's eyes are flying across the page to keep up with quick scene changes and multiple characters, but the quick interludes within the chapters and the thriller storyline makes the pages turn faster and keeps you up way after your bedtime so you can read one more page.

I highly enjoy the way Maberry writes a fight scene. I could almost see the end result of bullets and the fists and definitely dreaded what would happen with the infectious diseases. The descriptions were raw and graphic.

The only time I felt like skipping ahead was while reading the scenes with the Seven Kings, the Goddess and the soldiers blindly following along. Not that the scenes were badly written, far from it. I just have a hard time dealing with zealots in any way, shape or form. And these are zealots who are the worst, the ones following the money.

THE KING OF PLAGUES is available on 29 Mar 2011. I received this ARC from the publisher.

Five stay up all night from the vivid whack-a-doodle dreams beans....


Aurian said...

This one is not for me, but I too stayed up till 2 o'clock tonight to finish re-re-re-reading the first Black Jewels book by Anne Bishop. Needles to say, this weekend will be spend rereading the rest of the series.

Vickie said...

Aurian: Have fun re-reading. I need to look up the author if you are doing a re-read. We tend to have somewhat similar tastes.