13 February 2011

SPACKLED AND SPOOKED: A DIY Mystery - Jennie Bentley

From the back of the book: Avery Baker was once a New York textile designer, but inheriting her aunt's old Maine cottae has led her down a new career path---home renovation. Finding a property's hidden potential has rewards and challenges---especially when a mystery surfaces behind the walls....
Home renovation is never easy, especially when the home's inhabitants are dead. Avery's boyfriend and business partner, Derek Ellis, wants to flip a seriously stigmatized ranch house where murder occurred two decades ago. It's a good thing Avery has more faith in her boyfriend than in ghosts.
Their renovations are quickly interrupted when a presence is felt----and it's not happy with the new alterations. Could it really be that the property is possessed? If they're going to flip this house, all the outdated fixtures---including the lingering mysteries----must be disposed of, or else this project will haunt them forever.....
I bought this cozy because of the title. I really thought I was going to get a new-to-me paranormal cozy. I didn't...and that's okay. Good, in fact. Wee hint of ghosty activity, the rest is good ol' fashioned cozy mystery fun.
Avery is a neat lead character, still has issues with taking on this house renovation in this tiny little town in Maine, when she could be back in exciting Manhattan creating her textile designs.
The extra characters are filling and a good combination working with Avery on figuring out the mystery and keeping the story moving along.
Home renovation tips in the back, cozy mystery with good characters and a good story to make you want to try them.
Five flip this house beans.....

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