21 February 2007

An Author Read and Posted on my Blog!!

Gotta say, I am still quite stunned that Larry J Hillhouse commented on my blog site! Very thrilled and stunned. A good way to get me to look for more of his books more quickly than I'd planned. Mt Git'r'Read is hewgah anyway, but a few more can slide in there I reckon.

I have two purse books going now, Charlaine Harris Last Scene Alive-Aurora Teagarden Mystery and The Templar Legacy Steve Berry. Not as crazy about the Aurora Teagarden series as I am the Southern Vampire series or the Grave....series or the Shakespeare series, but Aurora is spunky and sad and funny and they are fast reads. I wouldn't collect them like I seem to be collecting the Southern Vampire series.

Bedside book is Size 12 is Not Fat Meg Cabot. Super book! Granted, my own humble opinion, but there it is. Nice fast story with interesting characters that I like or intensely dislike. Some books I find myself just gliding through and other, more memorable ones, stick with me. In Over Your Head was one of those. (see above guh post on Larry J Hillhouse).

Car audio book is Break No Bones Kathy Reichs. She is back in my good graces with this one. Not too crazy about the last one or two, but Tempe is back well in BNB.

Okie-doke. Back in the hole I go. At least I can read for a while.


Anonymous said...

Hey...this is Joy. Blogger wouldn't let me through. :(

Woo Hoo! That must have been a nice surprise. :)

I haven't read any Meg Cabot books. (I'm not a big chick-lit reader.) Which one would be your favorite?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie. I agree with you about the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris. It's good and I like reading them. It's just that I like Sookie and Lily and Paige much better.

by the way, it's Alita from Booklovers!

rajamaheswarg said...
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Lynne said...

That's really neat Vickie I'll have to look for his book.