06 January 2007

It's 0416....I Don't Care Where You're From....That's EARLY

Schnikees!!! Will this mid shift never end??!!! I have hit my wall and I can't enjoy even my purse book O Artful Death by Sarah Stewart Taylor. Hot tea, ice cold Diet Pepsi....nothing is working. Maybe a trip out in the snow and balmy 8 degree morning chill. Went to the gym earlier and read while on recumbent bike and it's still difficult to stay awake. I have the serious church nods goin'.....and I still have to friggin drive home. Have Broken Dishes Earlene Fowler to listen to on the way.
Time for walkabout to wakeupabout.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

Yay! You're back. Missed you.