10 April 2012

MOONLIGHT DOWNS: An Emily Tempest Investigation - Adrian Hyland

Emily Tempest has been away from Australia for a long time, but now she’s returned to the Moonlight Downs “mob,” the community where she grew up, half in the Aboriginal world, half in the white. She is looking forward to a reunion with her childhood friend, Hazel, and to catching up with the rest of the group.
Within hours of her arrival, an old friend, Lincoln Flinders, the tribe’s elderly leader, is murdered and mutilated. The police suspect Blakie Japanangka, a renegade aborigine sorcerer, but Emily believes that the old man was slain for worldly reasons, and she starts asking questions.


I cannot remember where I saw this book reviewed (I have GOT to start writing this info down!), but it immediately intrigued me. It's set in Australia and not by someone writing from another location about a suspense set in Australia. Rather Adrian Hyland actually walks the walk. (I could have said 'walks the walkabout', but you'll see I thought better of it).

It took a couple of chapters to get the flow of the lingo, but got into it and my enjoyment increased even more.

There's more than the murder to solve here while reading. The author addresses racial tensions and prejudice, rich injustice against poor. And Emily is half Aboriginal half white and is making her way the best she can in both worlds.

Absolutely involving to the reader as much as the suspense involved with the murder of a beloved tribal leader.

Emily isn't sure what she wants to do with her life, but she doesn't seem too worried. She has an excellent work ethic, just isn't sure of a direction. I think she may have found it while doing her part in investigating the murder and the tangential issues she discovers.

I loved loved loved this book and can't wait to read the next in the series, GUNSHOT ROAD.

Five sparkly Australian Outback diamonds....


Sherri said...

Sounds like a great book. I'll have to put it on my wish list! Thanks for the review Vickie!!

Aurian said...

O this sure is different! I like reading about Australia though, and someday, someday I will visit there.